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Thursday , June 20 2024
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Emotional Support Dog Meaning, Advantages, and Breeds

Emotional Support Dog Breeds

Dogs can be the best source of comfort, but they can be especially helpful for people with conditions like epilepsy or depression. There is significant evidence that the relationship between people and animals can profoundly affect human health -physical, mental, and emotional.

Licensed psychologists, therapists, or psychiatrists recommend emotional support dogs for a person looking for treatment.

The animal becomes a part of the treatment program for a person and is prepared to bring amenities and minimize the negative signs of the person’s psychological disability and emotional stress.

An emotional Support Dog can calm most patients and engage unresponsive ones. These types of dogs are beneficial in comforting people who are in pain or who need some emotional relief.

The advantages of having an emotional support dog

The advantages of having an emotional support dog

  • Relaxing and Calming
  • Lowering anxiety
  • Relieving loneliness
  • Normalizing heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improving social engagement and interaction
  • Reducing pain and stress
  • Lowering depression and raising pleasure

The Emotional Support Dog’s primary function is to brighten someone’s day. They relieve boredom and stress by making long-term residential settings just like home. In multiple rehabilitation centers, patients who have closed themselves off from everybody will respond to a loving, playful animal.

Playing with pets enhances serotonin and dopamine levels and also helps to promote calm and relaxation. In addition, pets provide companionship and fulfill basic human requirements. Contact is essential for lonely people who have not yet experienced mutual admiration.

Emotional support dogs play an important role in helping or treating their owners to cope with a disability. Unfortunately, they don’t have the same rights as service dogs but are protected under housing discrimination laws.

If you have a disability and think your pup is behaving like an emotional support animal or want to count an ESA in your treatment, talk to your doctor to get the best one.

Top 8 Emotional Support Dog Breeds (ESA)

Dogs are pretty amazing, right? They are absolute legends with the capability to help people who are struggling with mental illness. Emotional support dogs seem to get more popular day by day.

This is because they help in improving health and quality of life. If you want a dog who acts as ESA, ten breeds are best fitted for ESA work in the dog world.

Choose your new emotional support dog from among these breeds:

1. Yorkshire Terrier


These dogs are the sweetest of the sweet lap dogs. Tiny little things don’t need much exercise or space, making them a great choice for owners who live in apartments. Yorkshire terriers are delighted when they’re straddled on their owner’s lap. They are super affectionate little dogs that love physical contact.

2. Labrador Retrievers

Shedding or grooming of Labrador Retriever Dog

These breeds are some of the most delicate, so they make ideal ESAs. Another perk of this famous dog breed is that they’re favorably food-inspired, making them easier to train than other breeds.

Labradors are great with kids; that is why they are perfect for welcoming into families. These dogs are the ultimate all-rounders, so they make a perfect choice for the ESA job.

3. Beagles

beagle grooming guide

Beagles are dopey — in an amazing way, of course — and cute as pets. Their endearing nature also makes sure that they make great ESAs. Beagles have a nature that contains the best of both worlds — either cuddly and calm or active and energetic. Beagles make versatile ESAs.

4. Pug


This cute breed puts a smile on your face. Pugs are generous with kids and excellent at tuning into the feelings of their owners. They can sense your mood and raise it with cute and cheeky behavior. However, the pug can experience breathing problems because of his flat nose, so if you plan a lot of travel, it’s best to choose another breed.

5. Corgi


Corgis is an obedient, stable, and loyal breed. Have you seen their cute fluffy butts? If not, we suggest you look at them. This breed is short but not short on personality. Corgis make the right choice for an ESA as of their loyalty to their owner and even-tempered nature.

6. Pomeranian

Pomeranian Dog Breed

These fluff balls are the ultimate lap dogs. They love nothing better than being close to their beloved owners. Therefore, they are the perfect pets to provide affection and attention as ESAs. A Pomeranian is a great choice if you want a pet as your closest friend.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


The floppy-eared good looks of this breed are the best. These spaniels are quiet, mellow, and low-energy dogs. They’re also deficient maintenance, indicating that if you have depression that limits your actions, this breed makes amazing ESAs.

8. Golden Retriever

golden retriever

Same as the Labrador, golden retrievers are a reliable, energetic breed that needs a moderate to a high amount of exercise. Ensure that you give them the right amount of activity and motivation they need.

Why choose an Emotional Support Dog?

Emotional Support Dogs have the special gift of diverting our attention away from the problems and worries of everyday living. Many people feel more at ease after petting and stroking their dogs. Moreover, this has been medically confirmed. They make us feel more secure and less anxious. They also help us in coping with serious illness and death.

After losing a loved one, children generally find comfort in their pet dogs.

They give a grade of consistency to our lives. Pets are waiting daily for us to come back home. They show us something constant to do, like feeding them and taking them for frequent walks. We will always meet people who may depart after some time, but pet dogs will always be there no matter what.

They keep us active. You can’t be sitting all day when you have a dog to care for. When caring for your pet, you must feed him, keep him groomed and take him walking now and then. Pets can have a massive impact on our lives.

They can be healers, teachers, friends, and companions. Dogs can even teach us life lessons that help us become better people. So take good care of your pet, and he will stay with you till his last breath.


Emotional support dogs are specially trained to provide comfort and assistance to individuals with mental health conditions or emotional challenges. While any breed of dog can serve as an emotional support animal, some breeds may be better suited to this role due to their temperament, intelligence, and other traits.

Breeds commonly used as emotional support dogs include Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, and Corgis. However, it’s important to note that the most important factor in selecting an emotional support dog is the individual dog’s personality and temperament, as well as their ability to meet the specific needs of their handler. Regardless of breed, emotional support dogs can provide invaluable support and companionship to those in need.

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