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Dog Adoption Trending In Indore

Indore: Dog adoption is now becoming a trend in Indore. Families, bachelors and even students have started adopting stray dogs. Although most of the people are preferring popular dog breeds such as Pit bull, Rottweiler, Labrador, German Shepherd and Dalmatian etc., indie dog breeds are still quite popular.

There are around 9 NGOs in the city that work for animal welfare and the good thing is that around 15 to 20 dogs get adopted every month from a single NGO.

Indies getting adopted

The best thing that is happening in Indore right now is, the indie dog breeds are getting adopted frequently and they are quite trending. In the last 5 years, the popularity of Indian dog breeds has increased immensely. Middle class families prefer to adopt indie dog breeds as they are easy to maintain, have minimal health issues and love home-cooked food.

“Around 10-12 stray dogs go for adoption every month from our organization. The number has risen in the recent years and around 25 per cent people prefer stray dogs,” said Vaishali Shah, vice president of NGO Helping Hands for Animals.

Dog adoption procedure

The process to adopt a dog in Indore requires minimal effort. A person has to submit a written application request for adoption along with identity proof and a confirmation that all members of the family have no objection with the adoption. Volunteers at NGOs also do regular house checks to make sure the dogs are well settled and been taken care of.

“People from all walks of life are coming ahead to adopt dogs. College girls and families have also come forward as they believe dogs are good for security purpose as well,” said Gunjan Raghuwanshi, volunteer of the NGO Aware.

Dog training

Since most of the people who are adopting dogs in the city are first timers, the volunteers from NGOs make sure that the dogs up for adoption are adequately trained. They also provide training/training tips to the adopting families to help them house train these dogs with minimal effort.

“We have seen several instances where dogs have been abandoned in absence of proper training to handlers. Thus training both parties has become an important part of adoption to ensure the safety of dogs,” said Sruti Oza from the NGO Aware.

Source: Times Of India

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