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Saturday , June 15 2024
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Training Tips and Techniques for Senior Dogs

Training Tips And Tricks For Senior Dogs

There is an old saying: You can’t train a senior dog. It’s a new trick. In reality, it is just the opposite of that saying. It is easier to teach an old dog a new trick than a new one. Old age makes a dog more attentive. Hence, dogs listen ...

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What are the Essential Dog Training Tools & Techniques?

When a puppy joins your family, it becomes a moment of great joy and happiness for everyone. It is time to start thinking about its training. Proper training and socialization from an early age will make your puppy a well-mannered family member. However, it is essential to have the dog ...

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How to Use Food & Treats in Dog Training

17-Point Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Dog Food in 2024

In offices, employees get incentives for their performance. Human incentives are in the form of cash or goodies. The good thing about humans is that they can choose what to do with the reward or incentive. However, the dogs can’t spend the rewards of their own will. When the trainers ...

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How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

how much does dog training cost

Owning a dog is super exciting. But, along with being a pet parent, it is your responsibility to train the dog also. In any dog’s life, attending training sessions is crucial to make them comfortable and safe in human space. Dog training proves imperative in boosting confidence levels, stimulating their ...

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Scent Training For Dogs – A Comprehensive Guide

Scent Training For Dogs - A Comprehensive Guide

There is one thing that everyone knows about dogs. That is how excellent sniffers they are. Our special forces recognize this trait of a dog. Hence, many dog breeds have successfully made it to the armed forces and served our nation in ensuring the safety and security of different prominent ...

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Why Is Agility Training Crucial for Dogs?

Why is agility training crucial for dogs

Nothing can deny that agility training is the best exercise for your pup. Dog agility happens to be a common sport in the canine world whereby the handler or parent teaches the puppy to pass through various obstacles such as the ones listed in the following: teeter-totter jump tire tunnel ...

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