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Saturday , June 15 2024
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9 Most Surprising Things About Dogs And Cats You Should Know About

9 Most Surprising Things About Dogs And Cats

You may not know this, but kissing your dog could make you sick. You may think your furry baby’s mouth is cleaner than yours, but you could be wrong. Their tongues are full of parasites and bacteria. Dogs can have germs such as campylobacter and salmonella.

They get into your dog’s mouth when they use their tongues as toilet paper or eat spoiled food. So, when your dog kisses you, the germs transfer from them to you. As a result, there is always a chance of getting diarrhea and a nasty one.

Amazing Facts About Dogs and Cats:

1. You can make your pet cat or dog sick! 

It is not common for you to make them sick, but it does happen. Dogs, ferrets, and cats even get flu caused by their owners who came home with the same disease. While some symptoms can be mild, there have been cases where pets have passed away from such a disease.

Vets always suggest that you wash your hands frequently and separate your beds when you are sick. People can share the same strain of E. coli with dogs. The superbug named MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is known to move to dogs from humans.      

Facts About Dogs and Cats You Probably Didn't Know

2. Cats never steal a baby’s breath!

It is a superstition that originated back in the 18th century. At that time, whenever babies died from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), people quickly blamed a cat if they saw them lying in the same crib. These days, people have realized that there could be various reasons for such unfortunate demises as illnesses and soft toys.

For example, it may happen if a baby is lying on its stomach. There is no scientific evidence to blame cats for these deaths. Cats like the cribs naturally because they are warm, high, and elevated – the best place to have a catnap.

3. Dogs can detect falling blood sugar levels through smell!

You may think this is fiction, but this is true. If a dog owner has diabetes and suffers a dangerous drop in their blood sugar levels, the dogs would be able to smell the same. As a result, they would take various actions to alert them, such as pawing, whining, licking, or barking.

These days, dogs are being trained and used as diabetic service dogs. Their trainers say that in 90% of cases, they are correct about such detection.

4. Dogs have a look that conveys love 🙂

Is your dog locking their eyes with you? In that case, it is a genuine expression of love and not necessarily one of begging. It is a behavioral trend that dogs develop only with the people they are the closest to.

If the dog does not know you and is staring straight at you, it is a way of threatening you. However, it is a mistake to assume that every little glance they throw at you is one of love. Maybe they want what you are having for dinner.

If you see that their ears are flat and their bodies are stiff, they tell you to move away.

Amazing Facts About Dogs and Cats You Probably Didn't Know

5. Cats may love you more than you think! 

Behavior experts say that if a cat is separated from someone they love or like the most, it might suffer separation anxiety. It is the reason why your kitty might pee on your clothes when you are working.

The other signs of stress are when your cat blocks your path, vocally expresses displeasure at the situation or paces around continuously.

At times, they may be so worried that they would not even eat, or they might vomit as well. Behavior therapy could prove to be effective in such conditions.

If the cats are affected severely by conditions, they may have to take medicines to cure them.

6. Dogs are capable of learning 250 words!

Many leading dog researchers say that the best-trained and more intelligent breeds among dogs are equivalent to a 2-year-old child’s ability to understand human speech. They can understand as many as 250 words. On average, dogs can learn 150 dogs.

Now, the best options you have are enumerated below:

The following breeds are more attractive than intelligent:

7. White cats tend to be deaf!

Did you know that? I bet you didn’t. Cats with white coats tend to be deaf in at least one ear. In some cases, they could be deaf in both ears as well.

It is especially true with cats who have blue eyes. When you see your cat with one blue eye, you can be sure that they would not be able to hear on that side.

Many cat owners also say that deaf cats are not that intelligent. However, the main reason, in this case, is not known.

8. Cats would not always land on their feet every time they jumped!

Cats are the best at landing on their feet, but this is applicable only for short distances. The main credit, in this case, needs to be given to their flexible backbones.

However, they do land on their heads at times as well. Even if they landed on their feet from higher than a couple of stories, their feet would not always be able to break that fall.

In such cases, their bodies and heads may collide with the ground leading to massive injuries. Cats often focus so much on other things that they lose their balance.

9. Dogs are capable of dancing!

These days, dog lovers are organizing competitive events known as canine freestyle. These events show new highs achieved by the bond between dogs and humans.

At these events, the dogs pair up with their handlers in a style that resembles ballroom dancing. They perform a choreographed dance sequence accompanied by music. At times, they wear matching costumes too.

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