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Thursday , May 23 2024
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8 Interactive Dog Toys To Keep Your Dog Busy

Do you want to keep your canine interested and entertained for a longer period of time?

Go for interactive dog toys!

Some interactive dog toys have unusual movements, some make unusual sounds and some offer treats. All these features are designed to keep your dog entertained for a longer duration and enhance their memory and motor functions.

The best interactive dog toys:

Chew toys


It is made from non-toxic synthetic rubber (stuff crazy balls are made of) and it comes in different shapes and sizes. It creates a lot of opportunities for natural bounce each time it is released from your dog’s mouth.

Puzzle toys


These types of toys improve the brain function of your dog and teach them about patience. Behind the puzzles, there are treats that act as immediate rewards for dogs who solve the puzzles. There are various dog puzzle toys such as dog twister, dog brick, dog casino, dog treat maze, etc.

Rope Ball


Dogs love this toy. It is a combination of rope and a ball. These dangling rope balls provide a lot of opportunities for your dog to drop, grab and toss the toy for added fun.

Talking toys


Dogs love to interact with talking toys. These are intriguing and fun for them. These types of toys make unusual sounds of their own without any effort required by the dog.

Some toys need a push in the belly to produce the sound, but they’re not very durable. Dogs tend to get overexcited and bite them hard.

Motion-activated ball toy


These toys keep bouncing and moving around, making unusual sounds. Some adult dogs may not like it. But for puppies, the thrill of the chase is better than mouthing on these toys. Puppies love this kind of toy. It can keep a puppy happy and occupied for a long time.

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Long and thin plush dog toys


These toys are soft and they come in different styles and shapes which is fascinating for the dogs. Pooches that still haven’t grown any teeth love these kinds of toys. The charm of playing with something that is long or strangely molded — and delicate is fascinating to them.

Some plush canine toys are motion-activated too, for added entertainment value. Pooches with and without teeth, both enjoy these toys.

Shaker dog toys


It is not the shape, it’s the sound of these shaker toys that captures your canine’s attention and keeps them entertained.

The shaking beads inside the toy make noises like a small child rattling things around. This arouses a puppy’s natural instinct to pursue and play.

Squeaker mat – dog toys


These toys are widely popular among young and adult dogs as they have a large number of squeakers inside them. Your pooch will have an interesting and fun time with one of these squeaker mats lying around.

These squeakers are touch-sensitive, so a pooch with no teeth can even activate a squeaker by just touching them with its nose.

A dog can use its legs and body to activate the sounds as well. This is quite an entertaining toy for dogs and can keep them busy for a long time.

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