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Thursday , May 30 2024
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16 Giant Dogs That Are Among the Largest Dog Breeds in The World

16 Large Dog Breeds in The World

Some Large Dog Breeds are so giant that they defy our traditional understanding of the average dog sizes. Although it’s hard to imagine dogs as big as horses or bears, many dog breeds are close to the larger animals.

Here is the List of 16 large dogs breeds.

1. Mastiff



Mastiffs with an average height of 25-30 inches and weighing 120-230 pounds are gentle giants and family dogs. However, they suffer separation anxiety when staying away from their owners and family members for too long. The dog with a lovable nature originates in ancient Greece and is more of a lover than a fighter.

2. Great Dane

great_dane Cute

The Great Dane consistently ranks among the top 20 dog breeds in the US for many years and is one of the giant dogs in the world. Their weight ranges between 110-175 pounds, and their height varies between 28-32 inches. The dog of German origin has been one of the favorite companion dogs bred in the US since the 1600s.

3. Bernese mountain dog

bernese mountain 4


The Bernese mountain dog of Swedish origin is a true workhorse, as expected of a dog of such colossal size. Weighing between 70-115 pounds, the dogs are incredible workers and can pull ten times their weight. In addition, the average height of the dog varies between 23-27.5 inches. As a result, the dog can assist in farm work with the same ease as serving as a household companion.

4. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

As the name suggests, Irish Wolfhounds were big game hunters in ancient times but gradually evolved into one of the top Irish dogs breeds that perfectly gel with households. The sweet-natured and large playful dogs are among the tallest dog breeds. Their average height range between 30-35 inches, and their weight varies between 105 and 180 pounds.

5. Great Pyrenees

great pyrenees 3


The figure of the Great Pyrenees with thick white fur and a considerable stature has many similarities with polar bears. The dogs can work a lot and are excellent protectors of sheep herds in the colder climates of the northern hemisphere. The average weight of the Great male Pyrenees can be about 100 pounds while standing tall at 32 inches.

 6. Newfoundland


If you mistakenly consider the Newfoundland dog as a black bear, then it’s not your fault because of the close similarities in the appearance of the fluffy black dog with a bear. Despite its large size and weight (100-150 pounds), the native North American dog has a mild nature, and the average shoulder height is 28 inches.

7. Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd

Standing tall at 29 inches, the male Anatolian Shepherd can weigh up to 150 pounds making it a giant dog with a curly Q-tail, a fluffy tan coat, and remarkable golden eyes. This breed belongs to some of the oldest dog breeds of the Bronze Age that assisted shepherds and farmers almost 6,000 years ago. These dogs were most popular as sheep guardians in Turkey.

8. Neapolitan Mastiff

Belonging to the Molossus heritage, the Neapolitan Mastiffs have their roots in Italy and are dearly called ‘knuckleheads’ by fans because of their giant heads. Harry Potter fans are familiar with Neapolitan Mastiffs, Hagrid’s favorite breed. The average height of the dog is 24-31 inches, and the weight range is 110-150 pounds. A dog with a wrinkled face is an ideal companion for older children.

9. Dogue de Bordeaux


The Dogue de Bordeaux is a mighty and ancient French dog breed of the mastiff type with a life expectancy of 5-8 years, an average height between 23-27 inches, and a weight between 90-110 pounds. The dog can be a good companion for children and quickly become affectionate towards the family.

10. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is a massive dog and is perhaps the biggest among all dog breeds at 200 ponds and a height of 30 inches. The white and black markings in tan are typical of the breed that lends a distinct identity to the adorable droopy appearance of the dog. Believed to be the watchdogs of monasteries in the Swiss Alps since the 12th century, Saint Bernard is a gentle, tolerant, and friendly breed.

11. Cane Corso

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a super muscular dog of Greek origin and well-known as a fighter dog as it would accompany soldiers during wars and invasions. Weighing about 110 pounds on average and standing tall at 28 inches, the dog loves talking to their family and is a very vocal breed. You can hear it barking often.

12. Black Russian Terrier

black russian terrier breed

Created in the Red Star Kennel of the USSR in the 1940s, the Black Russian Terrier has a massive frame that might frighten people at a glance, but it’s calm and courageous that goes well with people. The giant of a dog can weigh up to 130 pounds, and the average height is 28-30 inches.

13. Tibetan Mastiff


 The Tibetan Mastiff is a brilliant dog. This breed will always keep you on your toes. The dog of the Himalayan region is well-known for its homeliness and is a reliable defender of homes while guarding it against all sides with excellent alertness and agility.

14. Bull Mastiff


The Bull Mastiff weighs between 100-120 pounds with a height range of

24-27 inches is a cross of the bulldog and the English Mastiff. Roaming across vast spaces is what the dog likes the most.

15. Leonberger

The Leonberger is the largest among German dog breeds that stand up to 31 inches tall and may weigh up to 170 pounds. The dog has a ruff around the neck resembling the lion’s mane and a waterproof coat.

16. Scottish deerhound

Scottish Deerhound

With looks similar to the Irish wolfhounds but smaller, the Scottish deerhound has a slim build and shaggy coat. The dog can weigh up to 110 pounds, while its height varies between 30-32 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the largest dog breed that we can love?

A: English Mastiff is supposed to be officially the biggest dog breed in the world. They are said to weigh in the region of 200 pounds. Zorba, an English Mastiff, was recorded to have weighed 142.7 kg in 1981!

Q: Who is the gentlest among the more large dog breeds?

A: The following dog breeds are the gentlest among large dog breeds:

  • German Shepherd
  • Great Dane
  • Bullmastiff
  • Boxer
  • Bulldog
  • Newfoundland
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Doberman
  • Dogue De Bordeaux

Q: Are bigger dogs more loving?

A: Yes. Bigger dogs are emotionally more stable. They can often become your comforter when you require them the most. They can be your best cuddle buddies and like to sleep in your bed.

Q: Which are the larger dog breeds in the world?

A: Following is a list of the giant dog breeds in the world with their weights:

  • Mastiff – 160-230 pounds
  • Boerboel – 150-220 pounds
  • Saint Bernard – 120-180 pounds
  • Great Dane – 110-175 pounds

Q: Which are the strongest among the biggie dog breeds in the world?

A: The following are the strongest and largest dog breeds in the world:

  • Saint Bernard
  • Mastiff
  • Rottweiler
  • Siberian Husky
  • Boxer
  • Great Dane
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • German Shepherd


Irrespective of their size, these breeds are affectionate and lovable. If you want true companionship, pick the breed that matches your personality. Their unconditional love and loyalty make them a true friend. Hence, they are undoubtedly the best in the world.

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