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Thursday , November 26 2020
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10 Cutest Dogs You Can Adopt

Getting a new pet is exciting. You are not only choosing a companion but rather a family member. Dogs are the top choice for a pet since millenniums, really. They are loyal, intelligent, affectionate and so adorable. There are so many breeds of these furry companions and you need to choose the one that suits you the most.

The best dog news website in India keeps ranking the dogs, but it is nearly impossible to rank them against each other. Here are 10 cutest dogs that would make you go aww. Beware, you may want to adopt them all!


These medium-sized compact dogs are intelligent, curious, merry and extremely friendly. They live for 12-15 years and weigh 20-25 kg once they are fully grown adults. They are too friendly to be guard dogs and may need a year to be completely trained. Also, they love food and tend to overeat if you don’t pay attention to it.

German Shepherd

This is a courageous dog that would not hesitate to protect its family (that means you) at any cost. They are active, agile, intelligent, and loyal. They have a lifespan of 9-13 years and may weigh up to 25-35 kgs. They need a lot of physical exercises and a protein-rich diet. Also, they shed a lot and need regular grooming.

Labrador Retriever

They are loved by nearly everyone because of how easily they bond with others. Their social skills are incomparable with other breeds. They require age-appropriate high-quality food. Their coats are thick and water-repellent that requires only occasional grooming. Be careful about the food, they tend to become overweight if not fed and exercised properly.

Golden Retriever

Like the Labs, they are adored by most people. Their nature and features are somewhat similar to Labradors. They can also be trained to take part in competitions. They are devoted, intelligent and friendly. They are outgoing and eager to please. The dog advertising agency uses photos of the retrievers to get the attention of people.


These are easy to maintain and ideal for small homes. Their grooming needs to be regular and focused on nails. They are charming, playful albeit a little stubborn. They are prone to obesity and require regular exercise and healthy calory centered food.


They are strong, loyal and utterly devoted to their family. They are least likely to trigger allergies in people.
They require a diet with a moderate amount of fat and rich in protein.

Great Dane

These are big dogs weighing around 25-40 kg and are called the ‘Apollo of Dogs’ because of their regal look. They are obedient and intelligent that adores children.
They have sensitive digestive systems and need to be fed quality, age-appropriate food.

Cocker Spaniel

Disney fans probably know this breed as Lady from the Lady and the Tramp. They have a silky wavy coat and almond-shaped eyes. They are happy, smart, gentle and active dogs.
They are sensitive to the owner’s reaction and should be treated with much affection and patience. They can be fed simple chicken and rice-based food.


This is an active and sporty dog. These are marvelous at guiding blind people because of their kind, gentle nature. Their patience and protectiveness make them a good companion even for toddlers.
They can be fed home-prepared food as well and generally do not require much grooming.


Dachshunds are of two sizes; standard and miniature. The miniature weighs around 5 kg and maybe 20-24 cm tall. The standard dachshunds can weigh 7-15 kg and are 30-40 cm tall.
They are bursting with energy all the time and are lively, courageous, clever and a little stubborn at times.


Having a dog is a lot of responsibility and they need to be physically and emotionally taken care of. It is better to adopt a dog than buy one from the breeders. Also, if you are in India, you should check out the Indian dog breeds as well.

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