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Thursday , February 22 2024
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Train Your Puppy To Stop Biting

Puppies spend a great deal of time playing and chewing out things. Most of their daily activities involve using their tongue and teeth.

From an early age, puppies begin to bite and chomp on people’s hands and clothing. While this sort of behavior may appear cute and adorable when they are young, it’s not going to feel the same when they grow up. Puppies need to be trained to learn how to delicately interact with their mouths so that they don’t hurt humans.

Here are a few tips to train your puppy to stop biting:

1. Teaching bite inhibition

Stop biting- No.1

Take the example of a mother dog teaching her puppies not to bite: If the puppy bites other puppies, then the bitten puppy gives out a loud sound ‘Yip.’ This startles the gnawing puppy and causes it to stop biting. The mother also snarls and growls if the puppy continues biting other puppies.

This also helps the puppy realize that it is doing something wrong. You can utilize a similar strategy to instruct your pup not to bite.

  • Release your hand at the same time when you ‘yip’ and stop playing. If they continue biting then leave your puppy alone for 5 minutes. They will eventually begin to understand the pattern and stop biting.
  • If the puppy begins to bite your hands or fingers, give a sharp tap on their nose. They’ll get the message that they are doing something wrong and that they should stop doing it.
  • If they stop biting then praise them with treats for good behavior.

2. Redirection

Stop biting-No.2

It is a valuable training method that is used to distract a puppy when it is biting or doing any undesirable activity. The objective of this training method is to divert your puppy’s attention away from your hand or body onto something else that they are permitted to bite, for example – a chew toy.

Remember that puppies are regularly teething, at the same time they are also learning about not biting, so it is essential to ensure that your puppy has a proper chew toy to strengthen its teeth.

Play with your puppy: Another great redirection method is to play with your puppy. Try playing tug-of-war with your pup if it starts biting. If your pup likes to play fetch, take your puppy outside and toss their favorite ball toward them.

3. Using other strategies

Stop biting-No.3

  • Socialize your puppy: Take them out to dog parks, dog shows, etc.
  • Exercise your puppy often: Take them out on long walks and runs.

4. Contact a professional


If you are still facing issues with puppy biting and none of the homemade training techniques seem to help then consider taking your canine to a certified dog trainer.

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