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Pet Hygiene Tips & Care

Pet Hygiene Tips & Care

Unhygienic things or places are breeding opportunities for bacteria and with it multiple diseases. Pets always want to explore new things and are always curious. They will sniff and lick every possible thing on their way leaving no stone unturned. So, the hygiene practices of your pet and the places …

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Feeling Guilty For Traveling Without Your Furry Friend?

Feeling Guilty For Traveling Without Your Furry Friend.

Guest post! Separation can be a terrible thing, especially for pets when they’ve gotten used to having their owners around all the time. However, these situations cannot be avoided. Whether the cause is work or personal, owners will have to leave their pets for longer periods of time – and …

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8 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Have A Dog

Dogs have so much to offer families – joy, love, and a lifetime of fun memories. They also teach children about responsibility, self-esteem, loyalty, forgiveness, and healthy living habits. Each stage of a dog’s life has so much to give to our wonder years and contributes significantly the character development. …

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Paw-ternity Leave For Employees Now In India Also

Paw-ternity Leave

You must have heard about Paw-ternity leave being implemented in various companies in the U.K, U.S. and Australia, but did you know that now Indian companies have also started offering paw-ternity leave to its employees? Collar Folk CollarFolk that curates pet friendly holidays, has decided to give 10 days’ leave …

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Chandigarh Launches Animal Ambulance Service For Pets

Animal Ambulace_1

The UT Administration has finally understood the plight of animals in the city. On Thursday, they launched an animal ambulance for pets and small animals to be transported for treatment to nearby government veterinary hospitals. Animal Ambulance Service For Pets The residents and pet owners of ‘City Beautiful’ have been provided …

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8 Labrador Dogs Dumped At City Shelter In Ahmedabad

Labrador dogs

Recently, a dog owner dumped 8 Labrador dogs at a city-based shelter, Asha Foundation in Ahmedabad. He claimed that he couldn’t bear their veterinary expenses. 8 Labrador dogs dumped Harmesh Bhatt, who runs Asha Foundation, said, “A few of the eight Labrador dogs are ill and have got skin infections. We often come …

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