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Tuesday , October 19 2021
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8 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Have A Dog

Dogs have so much to offer families – joy, love, and a lifetime of fun memories. They also teach children about responsibility, self-esteem, loyalty, forgiveness, and healthy living habits.

Each stage of a dog’s life has so much to give to our wonder years and contributes significantly the character development.

If you are considering adding a dog to your family, here are some potential benefits you can expect for your kid.

1. Responsibility

Cute child feeding his pet dog

Caring for a pet is a great way for children to learn responsibility, when your child knows that he needs to be sure that the dog has food and water each day, they begin to realize that the dog relies on them to survive.

They learn that if they are not able to do their job properly it will ultimately affect the dog’s health.

Dogs also need to exercise and walk daily. When the kids help out with these things, it gives them a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.

2. Compassion

No.3 (3)

Everyone is aware that dogs have a keen sense of smell, apart from that they also seem to have a sixth sense about when we feel sad or sick, and they sit by our side or lay at our feet as if to say, “I am here. It will be okay.”

Dogs teach us to be aware of the feelings of others and support others when times are tough. Kids by taking care of dogs, feeding them, and playing with them learn about compassion, responsibility, and love.

3. Forgiveness

No.4 (4)

Sometimes we all feel frustrated and often it gets misdirected at the people or pets who we love. If you are around your dog and you scold them for any reason or no reason, they’ll cower and avoid eye contact.

When you realize that your anger was misdirected, simply touch the dog’s head or rub their belly softly to receive their forgiveness.

You can tell they’ve forgiven you when they start wagging their tail. Dogs teach us the lesson of unconditional love and forgiveness.

4. Full-time friend

child with dog

Dogs are always there to entertain your kid when other neighborhood kids are busy, or not at home. In a dog, your kid has a furry friend who’ll never leave him/her alone, fight, or harm them. A dog could be the best buddy to your kids with whom they can share all their secrets.

5. Enhanced immune system


Research by Kuopio university hospital, Finland, found that babies who lived with dogs in their first year are more likely to avoid respiratory illness and infection as compared to babies who didn’t live with dogs.

It is because of the dog’s exposure to germs that increase the babies’ immune system and prevents sickness. (Reference)

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6. Leadership quality


When children learn to give commands to a dog, giving rewards for correct behavior and refusing attention for incorrect behavior, they begin to develop leadership skills. This helps them gain confidence in their abilities and boost their self-esteem.

7. Healthy living habits


Proper caring for dogs includes feeding them an appropriate diet and engaging them in regular exercise. By doing these activities with dogs regularly, children can learn healthy living habits.

8. Entertainment

No.8 (8)

Keeping a child entertained without the use of television or a video game sounds impossible these days. However, there is an alternative.

Dogs can be the perfect entertainer for any child. A dog can provide healthy entertainment for the child and keep them occupied.

Dogs are safe for kids and they are the best companion a kid can get. Make your kid’s childhood amazing by getting a dog today!

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