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Wednesday , August 17 2022
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Pet Hygiene Tips & Care

Pet Hygiene Tips & Care

Unhygienic things or places are breeding opportunities for bacteria and with it multiple diseases. Pets always want to explore new things and are always curious. They will sniff and lick every possible thing on their way leaving no stone unturned.

So, the hygiene practices of your pet and the places or things they hop on to must be prompt. The disease which spreads through pets can be zoonotic (pets to humans) also. Hence, being extra responsible is important when it comes to your pet’s hygiene.

Here are a few points which will guide you to take care of your pet’s health and hygiene.

1. Brushing

Regular brushing has many added benefits such as a clean and shiny coat, getting rid of excessive hair, regular checks on ticks, and flea infection. Also, regular brushing works as a massage for the pet giving them good blood circulation and healthy, shiny, and supple-looking fur.

2. Professional Grooming

Grooming through professionals once or twice a month is suggested for the pet’s hygiene and health. Nail clipping, ear cleaning on a regular basis will help to keep them clean.

It needs a trained person to get rid of the matt on your dog’s fur or the wax which leads to an unbearable smell from your pet’s ears. Professionals also help your pets to look more cute and adorable. Hence dog grooming should be made regular.

3. Bathing with Dry Shampoo

Pet parents know they can not bathe their pooches every day as this will negatively affect their health. Hence an easy solution to get rid of that smell from your dog’s body is by using a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo or waterless baths will help you to clean that greasy fur and odor from your dog’s fur.

You just need to apply directly to your dog’s coat and rub it gently. Air dry or brush them and done! No need to rinse them. It is an easy and affordable solution.

4. Beds and Bowls

Your pet’s things can get messy sometimes especially their bowls, bed, toys, leash, and can become potential sources of bacteria and viruses. In time, this may affect humans too.

While taking them on walks their leash also gets exposed to dirt and the external environment, their toys may have saliva and dirt on them and there is no other option other than their mouth they will be in direct contact with the spores or contaminants.

Hence, taking care of this havoc is necessary on a regular basis to keep their surroundings germ-free.

5. Keeping Crates & Kennels Clean

Peeing and pooping in the kennel is a normal thing for pets. Chances of spreading diseases are high in such cases if not taken care of it. It is advisable to not use any harsh floor cleaner for the pet’s kennel and even for the floors where you have pets.

Using a pet-friendly cleaner will help to get rid of the bacteria as well and your furball will also be safe from potential harm from the chemicals.

6. Pet Sanitizer after a Walk

Being in a pandemic is tragic. Taking care of hygiene, not just yours but your pet is also important as they can also be the potential carriers of the disease. One can not avoid taking them on a walk but using a sanitizer on them after a walk on their paws will reduce the risk of it.

Using a human sanitizer is not recommended on pets as it contains alcohol which is dangerous for your pet’s skin hence go for a pet-friendly sanitizer.

7. Clean the Floor

Once you have a pet, there will be peeing and pooping all around the house at least till they get trained to do their business outdoors or at a designated spot in the house or the washroom.

Their saliva, furr will be all over your bed, sofa, chairs, and floor. Keeping everything clean is a challenging and tedious task. Use pet-friendly things to clean your home to avoid future complications with your pet’s health.

Make your pet’s hygiene an essential part of your pet’s health and well-being. At the end of the day, a healthy pet is a happy pet. Follow the above tips and enjoy fun times with your furball.

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