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Saturday , April 13 2024
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Man Throws Stray Dog off Terrace

Man Throws Stray Dog off Terrace

A Nikol resident has accused his neighbor of throwing a stray dog off the terrace on Monday morning. Chirag Singh Solanki, who lives in Swastik Saritanagar Society in Nikol, filed a complaint against Rutul Panchal. The 24-year-old, who makes a living as a driver, told police that he heard a ...

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Indian Dog Gets Adopted By A Family In Switzerland

Stray dog puppy

There nothing more satisfying than seeing a dog’s happy face. Recently, a homeless dog born in Tamil Nadu, named Bailey, got adopted by a family in Switzerland. It has been quite an interesting journey for Bailey, from the fields of Tamil Nadu to scenic Swiss alps. She has even started ...

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Indian Dog Breeds Up For Adoption In Panchkula

Indian stray dogs up for adoption

Animal Welfare Association will be organizing an event named Adoptathon on 24 September, in sector 5, Panchkula. The motive of the event will be to ensure better human- dog relationship and to find forever homes for Indian dog breeds. There almost 30 Indian dog breeds which will be put up ...

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The Book Of Indian Dogs By S. Theodore Baskaran

The Book of Indian Dogs

“Do you know how many Indian dog breeds are there?” Don’t worry if you are struggling to remember the names, it happens to the best of us! Recently, we were approached by Aleph Book Company, an independent publishing firm under the wings of Rupa Publications India, who intrigued us with the ...

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Enraged Youth Kills A Dog In Tamil Nadu

Youth Kills A Dog

Recently, a 19- year old youth, identified as P Ramar, brutally killed his relative’s dog in Tamil Nadu after having a quarrel with the relative. The Munneerpallam police said, “The youth had had assaulted the dog to death because the quarrel had enraged him.” Police has arrested the accused based ...

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Stray Dogs At Marina Will Be Getting ID Cards Soon

Stray Dogs At Marina

Chennai: Stray dogs at Marina beach might get their own ID, along with a photograph and identifying marks if the animal activists have their way. The animal activists have started to adopt dogs at the beach as a part of a pilot project that aims to eradicate stray dog menace ...

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