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Friday , April 16 2021
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Man Throws Stray Dog off Terrace

Man Throws Stray Dog off Terrace

A Nikol resident has accused his neighbor of throwing a stray dog off the terrace on Monday morning. Chirag Singh Solanki, who lives in Swastik Saritanagar Society in Nikol, filed a complaint against Rutul Panchal.

The 24-year-old, who makes a living as a driver, told police that he heard a commotion near his uncle’s house in the society around 10 am on Monday, and went to check it out. “There was a black dog that frequented the Ambe Ma temple nearby. It lived in and around society. I saw it writhing in pain on the ground, bleeding from the head and unable to stand.

“On inquiring with those gathered around, I was told that Panchal, who lives in the same society, had been trying to hit the dog. It ran up the stairs of my uncle’s house to save itself. Rutul Panchal gave chase, caught it, and threw it off the terrace,” Solanki stated in his FIR.

Residents of the society called an animal welfare charity and the dog was given medical attention and taken to a facility run by the charity, the FIR mentioned. Police filed a case against Panchal under Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Section 428 of the Indian Penal Code and began an investigation.

Source: Times of India

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