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Dog Panic Attack Symptoms & Causes

Deal With Your Dog’s Panic Attack Calmly And Patiently

When you are a dog parent, is it a pleasant experience? But it also comes with many responsibilities. It is imperative to understand their needs and requirements. Taking the dog for a walk, managing the vaccination schedule and vet visits are a few duties of a pet parent. But you …

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5 Cool Reasons you should Adopt a Pet

5 Cool Reasons you should Adopt a Pet

They say money can’t buy you happiness. True, you can do all the shopping in the world, may have the best diamond ring on your finger and still be unhappy. Do you know why? Because you crave companionship above everything else. I’m not saying all things are relatively sure we …

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Why Does My Dog Pee In the House?

dog pee in a house

Guest post! Urine marking is innate in dogs. Though marking is not a bad thing, it usually ends up spoiling your rugs, furniture, or flooring and smelly home. Although stopping dogs from marking their territory can be very difficult because it’s instinctual, there are ways to reduce or completely eliminate …

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Is Your Dog Suffering From Anxiety?

Dog Anxiety

Just like humans, dogs experience anxiety too. There are several factors that affect a dog’s outlook, usually as a result of fear or a traumatic experience. Dog owners must always be wary of the symptoms and signs to watch out for. Read on to further understand dog anxiety, its telltale …

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Stress Can Turn Even Your Dog’s Hair Gray

Dog’s Hair Gray

Going gray due to stress and anxiety is an inseparable part of being human, but a new research suggests that we are not alone. A study on dogs reveals that stress may give your four-legged pooch a `salt-and-pepper’ look. Stress makes dogs go gray Researchers from Northern Illinois University (NIU) in the …

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