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Thursday , June 13 2024
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5 Cool Reasons you should Adopt a Pet

5 Cool Reasons you should Adopt a Pet

They say money can’t buy you happiness. True, you can do all the shopping in the world, may have the best diamond ring on your finger and still be unhappy. Do you know why? Because you crave companionship above everything else.

I’m not saying all things are relatively sure we need those too but we do need love too. Since you cannot buy love (oh, I wish that we could) we still can get it in one easy form – a puppy’s love!

The biggest motto of getting a pet is to adopt one instead of buying one. So do you see my point here guys?

Whether you want a cat or a dog or a rabbit even, you need to give them loads and loads of love to make the whole difference in your pet’s life and in your life too!

What will make you Adopt a Pet Instead of buying one?

Well, buying a pet is a lot of fun. It’s like a fancy shopping experience you get the best material available. But what about the animals in the shelter homes? Did you ever think of them? Maybe you do not need a lot of convincing to buy from shelter homes like;

1. You will be a Lifesaver!

Nothing is more satisfying than a little deed of kindness right? Imagine you choose a puppy and put him out of his misery by adopting him and giving him a better life. It’s like giving someone a better chance at living life to their fullest. Most animals end up at the shelter homes because they run away from their homes, get lost, or their owners leave them to their own resources which is a shame.

So what’s better than providing a home and love to the unwanted and the helpless?

2. Feed them Healthy Food

Feed them Healthy Food

Once you have adopted a pet, let’s say a dog, from a shelter home, you can feed them all the good meals. Another best thing about adopting a pet is you help them improve their health in a major way.

There is certain organic food you can always feed to dogs. There are certain vegetables dogs can eat like tomatoes, carrots, celery, and so on. You can become a proud owner of a healthy dog in just over a few weeks if you feed the dog the right nutritious meals! You will feel very happy about it.

3. Fight against Cruel Breeding

Fight against Cruel Breeding

If you are unaware of the term then know this is for real. There are puppy facilities whose only focus is to produce high breed pups or crossbreeds and sell them at high rates, while the welfare of the puppies is out of the question.

The puppies you see in the display window of the pet stores are actually from these breeding facilities where dogs are usually confined in small and filthy spaces. They receive little to no vet care at all. So once you adopt for the shelter home you are doing your community a favor instead of putting a dime in those greedy puppy facility breeder’s pockets.

4. Help with Social Interactions

Help with Social Interactions

Once you adopt a pet, let it be a dog or cat you have to take them out for a walk too. Especially if it’s a dog, you have to be more physical with them in terms of exercise and playtime than cats. So it’s the best time for you to interact with other dog owners in the parks.

Getting out with your dog will gradually increase your social interactions, remove any awkward social hurdles you might have felt in the past. You might even meet someone special over the run!

Once you break the comfort zone you will be able to introduce your loving pet to a third person rather confidently too. So yes, you can expect to make new friends or even a walk buddy.

5. A Home with Laughter

A Home with Laughter

The one thing you will love most about having a pet is they will make you laugh. Laughter reduces stress and anxiety in adults, improves mood swings, and also strengthens the immune system in the long run.
As the dog owner, you are privy to this major benefit!

You should never underestimate the power of adopting the pet, even if it’s for a daily dose of good laughter. The more time you spend with your pet the happier and memorable moments you will spend with them.

In the end, having a pet teaches us one of the greatest lessons – to be humble and to be selfless. Love itself is a selfless act. So once you become a pet owner, you have a new meaning to the life you didn’t know you were missing before life is joyous and wonderful with the right companionship. Sometimes found in the form of a four-legged friend.

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