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Saturday , July 20 2024
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Dog’s Hair Gray

Stress Can Turn Even Your Dog’s Hair Gray

Going gray due to stress and anxiety is an inseparable part of being human, but a new research suggests that we are not alone. A study on dogs reveals that stress may give your four-legged pooch a `salt-and-pepper’ look.

Stress makes dogs go gray

Researchers from Northern Illinois University (NIU) in the US examined 400 dogs. This study revealed that going gray around the mouth and face was not only a sign of old age. Stress too can turn your dog’s hair gray.

Results of the study showed that dogs between 1-4 years of age exhibiting higher owner-reported signs of anxiety showed a greater extent of premature muzzle graying than their less anxious peers. Increased muzzle grayness also was related to owner-reported symptoms of impulsivity in the dogs.

According to Professor Thomas Smith from the northern Illinois University, “At first I was really quite skeptical of the hypothesis, however when we analyzed the data their results were striking.”

Female dogs showed higher levels of grayness than male dogs but dog size, spay neuter status and the presence of medical problems did not significantly predict the extent of muzzle grayness.

This means the dogs that had undergone a harder life were found to have acquired gray hairs earlier than those with a more care-free existence.

Source: The Telegraph & The Times Of India

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