N F R Plans To Provide 3 Million Meals For Homeless Pets
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National Feed A Rescue Pet Week

National Feed A Rescue Pet Week Plans To Provide 3 Million Meals For Homeless Pets | US

To celebrate a success story of a stray dog name Addie, the Animal Rescue Site and GreaterGood.org are collaborating to help rescue pets like Addie by launching the world’s first ever ‘National Feed a Rescue Pet Week,’ starts from today July 24 to 29, 2018.

The aim is to raise funds to provide 3 million meals for homeless pets across the country and find a forever home for Addie.

Story of Addie

Addie is a stray dog, who was rescued by an Arizona rescue in a critical condition. She was diagnosed with a rare condition that resulted in the erosion of her joints.  Due to left untreated for so long, the carpal joints in her front legs stopped working and she resorted to crawling on a daily basis.

Thanks to Rescue bank that provided front leg braces to Addie that gave her the opportunity to walk again.

“Rescue Bank’s impact goes beyond providing meals to homeless dogs and cats because we provided meals to Addie’s rescue, they were able to take the money they saved and spend it on life-saving rehabilitation for Addie. They were also able to provide front leg braces that gave her the opportunity to walk, run and play again, ”said Elizabeth Asher, executive director for Rescue Bank.

The organizations are calling on pet lovers to help feed furry friends in need and keep tails wagging across the country during National Feed a Rescue Pet Week by visiting FeedARescuePet.com and donating to the cause. Just a $10 donation provides 400 meals and saves animal welfare organizations $170 in food costs.

Animal-lovers can directly contribute to the cause by shopping on the site or with a free daily click at The Animal Rescue Site.

Reference: Globe Newswire

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