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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Keeping Your Dog Safe From Colors This Holi

Keeping Your Dog Safe From Colors This Holi

You may wonder how to keep your dog safe from colors this Holi. You need to know that throwing colors at animals is not a pleasant experience for them. It is applicable for all dogs – stray and pet dogs. You may wonder if any color is safe enough to be used on them. Well, you should know that it is a baseless thought.

It applies to the supposed herbal colors as well. Even they are not safe for any animal. The colors used in Holi can cause them a lot of harm. The Holi powder might look harmless on the surface. However, it can create a lot of problems and fuss for them.

As we will discuss here, you can be sure that you will learn a fair amount about keeping your pet dog and other dogs safe from the Holi colors.

For starters, you need to understand the simple fact that Holi is a festival of human beings and not these animals. Throwing and splashing colors on animals, who cannot speak for themselves, is not exactly the best thing to do in the world. They would not be able to argue with you or anyone else or defend and save themselves from the issues you create for them.

Kindly stick to playing Holi with your family and friends and not with any dog, even if they are your pet. Now, in case you are a dog owner and are serious about protecting your pooch, on this day, you can always take a few steps to prevent any harm from falling on your four-legged babies. You must understand their pain – it is your duty to protect them.

Keeping them indoors 

The best way to keep your dog safe from colors this Holi is to keep them indoors. It is but natural your guests, such as your relatives, would want to cuddle them and shower them with kisses while drenched in colors. However, never let them do so – not at least when they are all dirty with all the colors and chemicals.

You also need to make sure that you do not allow your dog to go out alone at this time. People at these times tend to throw colorful balloons at them. Keeping them safe inside a room and switching the TV on is better. They will be calm and not feel alone at all.

Creating awareness 

Charity begins at home. It rings the truest, especially in situations such as these. So, you should start the process of educating your kids. Let them know how bad these colors could be for the health of animals, such as dogs.

It is common knowledge that they lick their fur and bodies when irritated or itchy. These days, the colors used in these festivals contain harmful chemicals.

They are poisonous. If your dog licks the colors, it can adversely affect its health. They can also get injured when eggs or colorful balloons get thrown at them. You can arrange a meeting with the people in the neighborhood and make them aware of the results of such actions. Try and sensitize them regarding such an issue.

Removing Holi color from your pet’s hair play holi with dogs

If your dog has had any color sprinkled on them, you first need to caress and calm them down. After that, use a mild shampoo and a wet towel to wash the color off. Clean their hair and take all the time you want to for that.

You can also shower some warm water on the dog. If the irritation persists after cleaning, you can take the dog to the doctor.

Providing shelter to strays 

If you can, you should provide an area where the stray dogs in your locality can come and take shelter on these days. The simple reason is that they are the most affected dogs on such festivals. Try and try your best to ensure they do not fall victim to our fun.

Do not serve them sweets and fried foods 

Holi is a time of merriment. None of us wants to be left out on this day. We want all the kachoris and gujiyas we can have on this day. However, please do not serve these to your pet dog, even for a special occasion.

This is because of the harm such oily, and sweet food can cause their health. They may be begging you for a bite or two of those lovely delicacies with their twinkling eyes. However, this is not a trap you should also fall into.


If you can, stay at home with them on Holi. Try and spend as much time as possible with them, and give them as much comfort as possible. Do not permit guests or relatives to come in and throw color on them. In the end, you should know the festival of Holi is to bring joy and color to the lives of all. It is the best time to sort out old conflicts.

You can enjoy yourself on this day as much as you want to. Dance till the time you cannot do it anymore. However, do not end up harming the animals because of your fun. This is your festival – not theirs. So, be aware and increase awareness among others.

You should also not let these adorable babies suffer at all. If you see any such thing happening, protest immediately and try stopping it. If you cannot, inform the police station nearby or talk to the closest animal care center.

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