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Pet Dog Healthy

How To Keep Your Pet Dog Healthy During Monsoon

As the monsoon season takes over, there are a few things that you need to take care of to keep your pet dog healthy. Monsoons can be a bit stressful for the pets. Usually, during the monsoon season, the rains increase the moisture content in the air. The increased moisture in the air can cause a plethora of health issues such as infections, pneumonia, cough, cold, flu, stomach issues etc.

Dog Health Problems During Monsoon Season

Due to increased humidity during monsoon season, dogs usually begin to develop several respiratory diseases. These diseases occur mostly due to allergies. It is imperative to make sure that your pet dog stays in an area that is a little warm and dry.

During this season, the fur of the dogs get damp and begin to smell. This happens due to breeding of fleas and worms. If not noticed quickly, it can lead to fungal infections as well. The sudden change of weather from hot to a bit colder can lead to coughing, sneezing and other flu symptoms in your pet dog. Monsoon also brings lot of stagnant water around, which is a breeding house for mosquitoes. Mosquito bites can be fatal to dogs. Mosquitoes can cause canine malaria, West Nile Virus, dog heartworm etc.

Tips To Keep Your Pet Dog Healthy

It is vital to take care of your pet dog during the rainy season. Here are some tips to keep your pet dog healthy during the monsoon:

Food and water

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Do not store food and water in open air. Due to high moisture content in the air, the chances are higher for the food to get contaminated. Eating this food can lead to digestive disorders in your pet. Make sure to provide clean drinking water and freshly cooked food to keep your pet dog healthy.


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During the monsoon season, the fur of the dogs with long coats such as Golden retrievers, Labradors etc. begin to smell. This attracts fleas and worms. Keep your dogs well groomed before the monsoon season hits. It is a common myth that you shouldn’t bathe dogs during rainy season but it is important to give your pet dog a good bath during this season to make sure their coat is free of ticks and fleas. Ear cleaning, brushing and nail clipping should be done on a regular basis as well.


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Every one feels a bit lazy during the monsoon season, even dogs. But don’t let rain stop your from giving your dog the daily exercise and walk. It is vital for them to move, even if it is raining. You can always get raincoats for them. And don’t forget to dry their fur as soon as you get back home. Regular walks and exercise keep your dog happy and energetic. It enhances blood circulation in their body and keep them warm.

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