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Saturday , April 13 2024
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5 facts you should know about Doberman

Interesting Facts About Doberman

When we picture a Doberman, a guard dog with snarling bared teeth is most likely to come to our minds. But behind the most useful character of the Doberman breed, i.e., offering protection, there are several other interesting facts you most likely never came across.

Currently, one of the most misunderstood dog breeds around the world; if you still think Dobies are nothing more than their dangerous look. Take a look at the 5 interesting facts about Doberman dogs.

5 Facts About Doberman Dog Breed

1. Gene Bears a Mix of Various Breeds

Given their extraordinary abilities and ferocious behavior, this might not be difficult to take a guess! Top scientists explain Dobermans to be a mix of at least 8 different dog breeds: German Pincer, Rottweiler, Thuringian Shepherd Dog, Black Greyhound, Great Dane, Weimaraner, German Shorthair Pointer, and German Shepherd.

Dobies most certainly owe their vicious nature to the Pitbulls and Rottweilers. But, they are a lot more loyal and friendly as their gene seems to have changed with evolution. We believe all dogs must be judged on an individual basis, and today’s Dobies have been successfully bred to have more docile and less aggressive qualities. Another proof of this is their colors; they reportedly come in 4 different colors – Black & rust, blue & rust, fawn & rust, and red & rust.

2. 5th Smartest Dog Breed

Dobermans are rightly ranked as the 5th smartest dog breeds in the world after the Border collies, Poodles, German Shepherd, and Golden Retrievers. Dobermans are fast learners with a smart and active intellect, which makes them one of the easiest breeds to train. They can instinctively identify suspects, bad times, or even underground bombs with a few months of training.

3. Dobraman Make a Great Family Dog

Dobermans make a great family dog, despite their ferocious nature as they are great protectors of children, family members, and owners. But it is essential to understand that not all individuals will have the same temperament and Dobies need to be socialized with children and adults of the family from their early puppyhood.

If you are looking for a sturdy dog suitable for protecting your children & family, a dog well suited for a beach vacation too, a good Doberman puppy will be your safest bet.

Nonetheless, a Doberman is a great breed to include in your family members’ list, especially if you have babies at home. A Doberman puppy once brought into a loyal pact with your baby and family will prove to be indispensable in times of danger.

Besides, given the current evolution of the breed, Dobies have become a lot more docile and pick up domestic lessons and do chores easily. They have a soft side to their heart, just like any other domestic breed like a Golden Retriever.

4. Seek a Reputable Breeder

Just as all purebred dogs, owing to improper breeding, Dobies are prone to certain health issues such as hip dysplasia, eye problems, Wobber’s syndrome (affecting the spine), von Willebrand’s disease, and so on. It is imperative that you seek a reputable breeder before welcoming your new family member and ensure you have thorough knowledge about its parent’s genes and life history. The same goes for if you are rescuing a Doberman! Also, a checkpoint – Dobies are prone to get affected by the cold because of less body fat, so maintain it accordingly.

5. Purpose of Ear and Tail Docking

Although we aren’t in favor of this inhumane practice and there are several laws in the UK and Australia against it, ear and tail docking seem to have a purpose of its own. Traditionally, most owners used to dock off ears and tails to remove any weak spots that could potentially interfere with their Dobermans’ guarding routine.

But today, a more scientific approach has made its way to this docking concept. Besides, the use of Dobermans for serious protection purposes has reduced significantly over the past few years. So, a more scientific concept has replaced the previous reason.

Dobermans’ tails are till now known to be the thinnest and most sensitive among all dog breeds, which means they are a lot more easily breakable than any other dog’s tails. Also, a Doberman’s floppy ears cut off significant air passage to the ear canals that can develop ear infections in your pet.

Most owners may think of still practicing this act, but it is felt to be unnecessary in today’s world, as many developed countries have laws against it.


Despite all of the ferocious reputation of this breed, they are bred to be ferociously loyal to their owners. From a loyal protector to a great family member, Dobies is a lively breed to cheer up your family, especially as puppies.

There are a lot more fun facts about Dobies that you might not know, but these must have surely removed the fear from your mind and shown you how soft they are at hearts.

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