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Thursday , May 23 2024
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How To Teach Your Boxer To Stop Jumping On People

How To Teach Your Boxer To Stop Jumping On People?

Whether it’s Boxer pups or dogs, their jumps are powerful. If they jump on children or seniors, they can cause physical harm. An adolescent or adult Boxer can even plow over just about anyone.

You must understand such dog behaviors carefully before training them unless they jump on people out of fear or aggression.

Being a pet parent, you must have encountered the issue with your Boxer. Remember, dog behaviors vary with breeds. Understanding their behaviors help in training them better.

Why Do Boxers Jump on People?

Boxer dogs jump on people only for one reason – to show their affection. Most other dog breeds either wag their tails, circle around people, or lick them (if too familiar/friendly) to show it.

But Boxers are not naturally reserved. They are an outgoing and expressive breed. The happier they are to see someone, the more enthusiastically they jump.

Their goal is to be on an equal physical level with a person, bringing their face up to theirs, and greeting them. They don’t have intentions to harm but only to gain attention.

They want to make the person understand how happy they are to see them. Some Boxer dog behaviors may include licking the person, but it is not common for all.

What Can You Do to Stop Change Boxer Dog Behaviors

What Can You Do to Stop/Change Boxer Dog Behaviors?

●    Identify The Triggers

The common Boxer dog behaviors of jumping occur when

  • They are being left home alone for a while
  • They are greeting someone whose company they enjoy most
  • They want a toy, food, etc.

●    Get Them Trained Professionally

If your Boxer dog frequently jumps to get what they want, instead of reinforcing their behavior, seek professional assistance.

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Tips to Teach Your Boxer To Stop Jumping on People

Tips to Teach Your Boxer To Stop Jumping on People

#1     Take Your Place As A Leader

Being descendants of wolves, dogs have an inbuilt pack mentality. They follow the alpha. As an owner, your dog must see you as a pack leader (an alpha). If not, you will fail to have any perceived authority to give commands. The Boxer dog will not listen to you.

#2     Use Food To Command Respect

Food speaks to dogs as an element for survival. Whoever supplies the food, that person alone can hold the command in their eyes as a leader.

#3     Sitting Conflicts with Boxer Dog Behaviors

If you want your Boxer to learn obeying to ‘Sit’ command, use it before a meal or before entering/exiting a room. In the canine world, alpha has the privilege of entering and exiting the den (house) first. Use the command ‘Sit’ to cross the doorways and then allow your Boxer to follow.

#4     Reward them for Sitting to Reinforce such Dog Behaviors

 When teaching Boxers sitting every time it listens to your command, reward them with petting, giving treats, or toy. It will understand that it gets things only if it is sitting.

Watch those front paws; Boxers might still try to paw while sitting!

#5     Stop Rewarding for Jumping

Every time your Boxer tries to jump on people, turn around and walk away. If you shout “Down,” “No,” or push him away, you are involuntarily giving it negative attention.

Ask your family members, friends, relatives, or frequent visitors to follow the same rule strictly. If even one person says “I don’t mind.” and smiles back, giving attention, the entire exercise goes to waste.

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#6     Exercise ‘Heeling’ on Walks

If you allow your Boxer to lead during walks in the canine world, it interprets – “It is okay to head point in other aspects too.” To maintain your authority as pack leader, have your Boxer on leash and harness and keep them to your immediate left.

#7     Managing Situations

When you are teaching your Boxer to stop jumping on people, it will not happen overnight. Such training requires time and patience on your part.

Since you cannot control people at times meeting your dog, petting while they jump, the best way is to manage dog behaviors. Keep them on a leash during walks in public places.

Step on the leash to stop them from jumping. You can also leave them in a different room to calm them down. Try teaching again later the modifying dog behaviors.


If your Boxer only has an issue of jumping upon you, you can modify such dog behaviors fast. But, when it is on other people, the training can take several weeks.

While teaching your Boxer to stop jumping on people, use small moist treats that they need to sit down to chew. Keep the treats handy and give them within 1 or 2 seconds of the desired behavior.

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