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Saturday , June 15 2024
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How to set up a sleep routine for your dog

How to set up a sleep routine for your dog

You should start the process by getting your dog moving. It means you have to keep the dogs active, play games or take them on long walks so that they get drained of the extra energy they possess.

A dog is a lot like a child. Hence, in the sense that they need an outlet to vent to release their energy. If you do not do so, they tend to stay awake throughout the night. If you can make sure that they get at least a couple of hours of exercise regularly, you can be sure that they would sleep soundly at night.

Try taking your baby for a run or a walk later in the day. You must make provisions for at least an hour of downtime before your baby hits the bed. It would give them time to wind down before they finally fall asleep for the day.

The closer they exercise before bedtime, the quicker they fall asleep when you want them to. If you are working outside of your home, you may not devote much time. In such instances, you can consider taking your dogs to a dog daycare facility. You can even consider hiring a dog walker.

You can have them play with toys that provoke them to use their brains. Remember that mental stimulation could be just as effective as physical exercise.

How to Help Your Puppy Sleep Through the Night

1 Sticking to a routine 

If you maintain a consistent routine, it will create a similar sleep schedule for your little one. Always try to feed, play, and walk them every day. This way, your dog would know what to expect at certain times of the day.

It is tough to stick to such a routine on the weekends. However, try to be as consistent as you can be. Take them out for at least one-bathroom break before they go to sleep.

This final potty break would make sure that your dog does not feel it necessary to go for a trip outside your home in the middle of the night. It will ensure they don’t have to rouse from their deep slumber.

You must also make sure that you feed them at least three hours before it is their time to sleep at night. Otherwise, they would feel that urge to go outside at night and relieve themselves.

2 Giving your dog a bed

A lot of pet owners let their babies sleep with them. It is a viable option indeed. However, try out other options before going for this one. It is always better to get a pet bed for them to get them habituated with the idea of sleeping at night.

Once you have set up this schedule, you can always ask them to come and sleep with you on your bed. However, it is also acceptable if you let your baby sleep at night in their beds. Dogs tend to turn and toss at night or bark at times.

It can wake you up. On the other hand, if you tend to move and fidget a lot when you sleep at night, your dog may not be able to sleep peacefully, if they are doing so next to you. Are you suffering from any allergy or asthma? If yes, it is better you do not sleep with your dog in the same bed.Is your dog getting enough sleep?

3 Think about crate training 

Crate training is an exceptional choice when your puppy or dog is new and is not used to your sleep schedule.

All you have to do is have them enter the crate when it is time to sleep for you and wake them up when you do so in the morning. The sleep cycles of a dog get influenced by melatonin. Create a dark environment for them to sleep properly.

If you have bought a wire crate, get a cover so that you can drape it at night. Make the crate which would be inviting and comfortable for them.

Place a fluffy blanket over there. Also, put the favorite toys of your dog over there. You must also turn off the lights so that the room is as dark as it can be. If you take all these steps, you can be sure that your dog falls asleep rather quickly. 

4 Make sure that there are no medical issues 

If you own a dog, you would know if something or the other is wrong with them. For instance, if your dog is not sleeping well at night, then it could be due to an injury, or an illness as such.

See how well they can walk and if they are willing to eat or not. If your dog is not walking the way they do, it means that the dog may be suffering some pain or discomfort in its bones or muscles.

If they are not eating as much as they do, it could be because something is wrong with their stomach, or perhaps they are suffering from some ailment. Even if lack of sleep is the significant issue you can see with your dog, it is still advisable to take them to the vet.

Your vet can always run a few tests and find out if something is wrong with them.


The process of getting your dog habituated to a sleep routine is a time-consuming one. You would have to make a lot of effort. However, once you have got them used to a schedule, you can be sure that the nights would be a lot more restful for both of you.

Once you have had a good night’s sleep, you both would be able to face the next day together. You can be sure that this is the best company that you would ever have.

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