How To Groom Beagle – Daily, Weekly, And Monthly !
Thursday , May 30 2024
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How To Groom Your Beagle –Know Their Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Regime!

How To Groom Beagle – Know Their Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Regime!

Beagle dog breeds are one of the world’s most popular family pet breeds. These dogs are small, friendly, easy to train, great with strangers, and thus fun addition to any family. When you are a dog parent, creating a routine for your pets is imperative.

You can spread the dog walking, vaccinations, and pet visits on your calendar, but some tasks require personal attention and observation. Dog grooming calls for personal care and time. You can hire a professional pooch groomer to get the work done.

However, some regular activities like brushing the coat, trimming the nails, and cleansing the scalp require the attention of pet owners. If you are wondering how to manage all of this, here is a guide on grooming a beagle. 

So, let us start the grooming guide for you.

beagle grooming guide

Plan your weeks and months to groom your fur friend

Brush your beagle hair every alternate day:

Beagles are those breeds that shed a lot. It becomes a little overwhelming at times to maintain the hair. The ideal solution to hair shedding is brushing their hair once in two days. Beagles are active dog breeds that dirty their coat with mud and dry debris.

You can groom by gentle strokes of the brush after a long walk. Brushing will help remove grass, dry leaves, and dry dander. These are components that usually ruin the natural shine of the coat.

You can get a de-shedding tool to gather all the dead hair before it drops on the floor. Your pup will show all enthusiasm and excitement after the brushing. The gentle strokes act as a massage and make their coat lighter.

Make a trimming regime for Beagle breed dogs as their hair tends to lose luster due to dirt trap and starts molting.

Trim the Beagle nailsbeagle training tips

Nail clipping is a crucial grooming regime for any dog breed. Beagles are no different from this. Dogs’ paws are the most sensitive part that requires constant cleaning and grooming.

And the fact says that dog nails grow quickly, and if you do not trim them regularly, they curl down and turn into ingrown nails. The ingrown nails tend to catch infection and cause discomfort to your pet.

Make a grooming schedule for your pup beagle to trim the nails every 5-6 weeks. Ensure that you take proper care while clipping their nails. Under their nails, the dogs have sensitive pink flesh, ‘quick’ connecting nerves and blood vessels.

Take additional care while clipping the nails of your pet. Any damage to this area may result in profuse bleeding and immense pain to the dogs.

Bathe routinehow to groom beagle

You can give yourself a regular bath, your beagle. These are hyperactive dog breeds who love playing in the mud and getting dirty. However, they have a thick, tight coat that makes trapping dust and debris easier. One of the best solutions is to give a nice bath every five weeks.

Use the appropriate toiletries and ensure to towel dry the skin. Over-cleansing can cause dry skin complications. Therefore, you can make the grooming a combination of a wet bath, wet wipes, and a dry brushing routine.

Ensure that you get soap-free and fragrant-free shampoo and conditioners. Conditioners are a must for Beagles. It protects their natural coat from extreme temperature, sun rays, and friction damage.

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Haircarebeagle tips

Haircare includes the most significant activity – trimming the coat. Beagles have short hair and tight fur to protect them from weather and injuries. But if you intend to enroll in dog shows or competitions, getting a stylish hair trim session is better.

You can trim their coat at home using an electric clipper. Beagles don’t require extensive haircuts as they don’t have heavy fur. Just groom the pads around the feet and trim them near the ears to give a neat look. Do not over-trim. It will make the dog look hairless and turn them vulnerable.

Ear cleaning

Beagles are famous for their adorable ears – long dangles on both sides make them look like cute pets. But these ears have a heavy layer of hair that attracts dirt and dander. Take additional care in cleaning the ears every two weeks.

Dogs tend to build heavy ear wax if they are heavier fur breeds, and the beagle is one such dog breed. You can start the cleaning process by using medicated wet wipes on the outside of the ear.

Get medicated ear cleaning drops to pour inside the ear lobes. Use cotton balls for cleaning the ears and throw them away after every use. Never use the same wipes and cotton balls for both ears.


Grooming includes cleaning and regular maintenance of the dog’s wellness. You can consult a professional groomer for the first few times. Try some simple cleaning methods at home and save extra bucks. Invest in a dog grooming kit and get the right tools to continue the sessions at home.

You can get a great quality brush, nail clippers, bath accessories, animal towels, sheets, and toiletries. Have a regular vet visit to ensure that your four-legged friend is free from infections and allergies.

Routine grooming sessions can keep your pet healthy, happy, and active. You can reduce doctor visits by maintaining a nutritious diet, routine cleaning sessions, and vaccinations for your pet.

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