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Tuesday , February 7 2023
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How To Get A Beagle Puppy To Stop Biting

How To Get A Beagle Puppy To Stop Biting?

Beagle puppies are so adorable. Their big soft ears and their large brown eyes make them look like they’re spending a good time with you. When he was a puppy, it looked cute when the dog bit your hand.

As I know, the bites of the puppy were just that – scratches. But now he is an adult dog, and his play bites are not as funny as it was. Of course, now its bites give pain to you. Clearly, he is not dangerous.

When he is playing with you his tail wiggles and he looks like he’s spending a good time with the game that you are playing with him, but you are no longer find this game and biting as fun.

You have tried hard putting your hand down, to do shouting or even head-butting him, but all it does is make him more excited and make the game more fun. So, how are you gonna make him stop from biting?

How to make a Beagle puppy stop biting?

How to make a Beagle puppy stop biting

It is clear that training to make him stop biting is necessary because biting whether it is fun or more serious, should not encourage it.

This does not mean that the dog should be punished because punishing him will make him even angrier at you. It doesn’t mean that you will allow your dog to lick your face. Instead of this, you need to know how to react in this type of situation, how to calm down your dog and move his attention to any other thing like a dog’s playful toy.

Identify the reasons for beagle’s biting

Before you can solve your beagle biting problem, you must first determine what is causing it and then execute the necessary training to put an end to the biting.

A beagle must be educated that biting is not an acceptable method of interaction. Additionally, it is critical to teach your pup how to socialise with humans at a young age.

There are four possible reasons why a beagle puppy begins biting.

  • Teething
  • Nipping or play biting
  • Aggressive Biting
  • Anxiety from separation

Teething of a beagle puppy

A Beagle puppy may experience teething. Teething typically happens between the ages of 4 and 8 months, though it can occur earlier or maybe later. Teething can be a very frustrating period for your small companion, as well as for you. When a Beagle is teething, all they want is to be comfortable.

Ignore the behaviour of your beagle puppy

Nipping or Play Biting

It can be hard to tell a nip from a bite. The term is not based on how strong the bite is, because any can cause broken skin or damage.

Often, a dog plays with you by grabbing you quickly with their mouth and then letting go of you. If your dog likes to nip, you will need to teach him not to do the same thing when he meets you. Dogs can also bite when they are frightened.

Aggressive Biting

Beagles are not an aggressive breed in the traditional sense. The beagle puppy is rarely aggressive. It is critical to put an end to the puppy’s aggressive behaviour while he is still young. Because if he is ignored, things may spiral out of control as he grows older.

beagle puppy

Anxiety from Separation

Beagles are thought to be a kind of dog. When they live with someone, they form strong bonds. A pack animal like a beagle is afraid when they are left alone or miss their owners.

If your beagle bites you on the feet or legs when you try to leave the house, your beagle is afraid of being alone. To be clear, this doesn’t mean that your beagle is aggressive.

Maybe, your beagle is trying to say, “I want you; don’t leave me,” and you should not leave him alone. The anxiety from separation is a big problem, and you need to teach your dog how to deal with it. A beagle is influenced by this because he doesn’t have the confidence to play alone.

Steps need to take to stop your beagle puppy from biting.

It is very natural that your beagle puppy is likely to play with another dog by biting it with its teeth. Even though the pup is still with its littermates and living in its new home, there is a good chance it will bite you while playing. Now is the time to do some more training to show the puppy that biting is bad.

Ignore the behaviour of your beagle puppy.

If biting is a puppy’s way of getting your attention or playing with you, sometimes not paying attention to them and not playing with them when they bite it can be enough to stop them.

If the puppy bites very hard, this may not be a good idea, but it’s a good place to start. If you are too angry when your puppy bites, they may think you are giving them encouragement to keep biting because they know it makes you angry, so they keep doing it.

As a result, if you stay neutral and don’t pay attention to their behaviour, they may not want to keep doing it because they know that it usually means that the game is over.

Anxiety from Separation

Crate Training

When you start crate training your beagle puppy, it can make them feel more at ease which usually means less aggression. The behaviour is thrown off if they flee to their crate when they bite you.

This causes them to think that being dragged away from an activity is bad. As soon as your beagle is out of the situation, they will be in a more peaceful state of mind.

Change the way you act.

Redirection is a great way to train dogs of all ages. The best thing to do if your puppy is trying to bite something is to try and move his attention to a toy that is not dangerous.

By giving them a chew toy and praising them over and over again as they chew on it, you can help them keep these good habits. This can also help relieve the pain of teething in young dogs.

Take their attention away from you.

Giving your puppy something fun to do not only stops them from biting, but also teaches them how to play in a healthy way. It is very important for your dog to learn how to entertain themselves as they grow up.


If you are not going to teach your pup that biting is bad then how are they going to know the difference between right and wrong? Your beagle puppy can learn to stop biting if its owners tell them that it’s not okay.

You should make them stop playing with those dogs who bite so hard. During the challenging teething stage, be patient with your adorable beagle and help him to learn the skills he needs.

In the end, you will get excellent companionship and the puppy will become a treasured member of your family.

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