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How To Domesticate Indian Stray Dogs

How To Domesticate Indian Stray Dogs?

The first step you need to take is to ensure you are ready to make the commitment necessary to domesticate the stray dog. Do you wish to succeed as a pet parent? Then you would have to be responsible, which means taking care of their well-being. You must devote time to feeding, exercising, training, and grooming them.

You would have to take them to the doctor when they are not doing well. You would have to do this to get them checked up regularly. You would have to get regular procedures such as parasite control and deworming.

If you live with your family, you must ensure every member agrees with the decision. Most importantly, you should be able to deal with the financial ramifications of such a decision.

Looking for shelters in the areaIndian Stray Dogs

In India, you would find stray dogs rather commonly across the neighborhood. You may have to meet a few of them and befriend a couple of them in all probabilities. As such, you may feel tempted to adopt one of them. Experts recommend that you get one from the dog shelters in your area.

Strays in communities such as gated societies are usually cared for by those who love animals in such places. However, if you want to adopt one who lives in such a community, you should ask animal lovers and get permission before bringing such a dog home.

If you wish to adopt from the local shelters, you can always visit those areas and check out your future pet. These days, you can get a list of such shelters in your city from the internet itself.

Spending time with them 

If you want to adopt a dog from a shelter, you would first have to spend some time with them to build a friendship. One of the best ways to get this done is through treats. If you are particularly attracted to any dog, offer them a treat and step back.

Do this a few times for a couple of days till you find them coming to the feeding spot on their own accord. When this happens, you can be sure you have been able to establish a bond with them and gain their trust.

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Assessing the dog, you have selected 

Look at how the dog behaves with you and other pets and humans. You can be sure that you will get some information from the observations of the volunteers who work in these shelters. Find out if they have received their vaccines or not. Try and get as much information as you can on their medical history.

Look at their vaccination certificates and documents of other medical processes they have undergone sterilization. With the help of medical records, you could find the illnesses, traumas, and injuries they have previously suffered.

Completing the adoption formalities Adopting A Stray Dog

These shelters have their unique procedures for adoption. However, by and large, you would have to submit an adoption form where you would have to provide your details. You will have to submit a few other significant documents. It is the address and identity proof documents we are talking about.

They might ask you a few questions to check your background. Apart from that, they could provide you with some advice – also known as counseling – regarding how to take the best care of your pooch.

Giving your new family member a warm welcome 

When bringing your new family member home, make sure it is ready to welcome them. It means arranging necessary supplies like food and water bowls. Also included in this list are the likes of dog food, a grooming brush, a leash, a comfy bed, and an ID tag. There are some other changes that you have to make.

For example, you have to tuck away loose cables, keep medicines, detergents, and soaps out of their reach, put your shoes in the cabinet, remove choking hazards, and get a dustbin with a lid. The bottom line is you must create a space convenient for your furball. It is significant to take your baby to the vet within the first few days of bringing them home.

Apart from that, give them time to adjust to their new family. Now, this process of adjustment could take a couple of weeks. In some cases, it may even take a couple of months. Hence, you must be patient with them and give them the love you have for them.


The thing with the Indian stray dogs – whether you get them from the streets or the shelters – is that they are available in various shapes and sizes. They all have unique dispositions in terms of temperament and characteristics. Choosing a dog is a crucial step. It would become a part of your family – and an integral one.

This is why you need to think the decision over with great care so that you do not make any impulsive decision in this case. It is crucial to have a healthy relationship with your dog; right from the start so that the adoption process is successful and happy.

In this context, gaining knowledge about the dog’s behavioral history from the shelter where you are getting them is essential. Adopt a good shelter where they consider these animals a priority.

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