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Tuesday , July 23 2024
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How to Care for a German shepherd

How to Care for a German shepherd?

Among the various breeds, a German shepherd is loved by many, and most people prefer them to have as their pet. The reason for this is this breed is exceptionally loving and devoted to its masters.

The German shepherd breed has much more specialties than the other breeds; if appropriately trained, they can make an excellent guard dog and a great companion that follows the instructions of its master.

If you are planning to adopt this dog breed, there are many things to learn about grooming and training them. In this write- up you‘ll get the best tips that will help keep your dog healthy.

Are you planning to buy a dog? Or you have already adopted one? Here are the best tips that can help you to take proper care of a German shepherd.

Some Facts about German shepherd:

It is one of the intelligent dogs that can be tamed perfectly to excellent family dogs and guard dogs. These dogs grow between 50-90 pounds and are known as large breeds. They reach up to 25 inches in height.

They are physically healthy –proportioned with a broad head, erect and large ears covered by black, tan or grey coats, which are usually harsh. German shepherd breeds live up to 10-12 years. They are amazingly smart and very protective of their loved ones.

Different Types of German Shepherds

5 Best Ways of Caring for German shepherd:

It’s not only German shepherd; all the breeds require proper care and training to stay healthy and strong. When it comes to this breed, there is little more to study about caring for them. Scroll to know about the best ways to take care of a German shepherd.

Adopt Perfect quality Breed:

Adopt Perfect quality Breed

The first step starts with adopting the right puppy. Ensure that they are from the good German shepherd breed. It’s wise to adopt puppies than large dogs because they are easy to train and adapt quickly.

Before buying, verify the credentials from the breeder and check on the health conditions from the veterinarian; this will help you buy the best quality breed of German shepherd dogs.

How to Raise a German Shepherd in a Modern Setting

Exercising & Training is essential:

Exercising & Training is essential

It’s a must to make them exercise. Exercising will help the dog to maintain the shape of the body and to stay healthy. This is the time where you can train your dog to follow your instructions.

Obedience training is easy and effective when the dogs are young. Start using commands like ‘sit’, ‘stand’ and ‘stay’ with the training every day.

Exercising is a must for these dogs; ensure that your dog gets an exercise of at least 45 minutes every day. Taking them for a walk twice a day along with exercises helps them to be active and strong.

If you find it difficult to train them, consider enrolling them in a puppy kindergarten before six months, they can train the puppies perfectly.

Tips To Make Healthy Dog Food For German Shepherds

Diet & Feeding Your German shepherd:

Diet & Feeding Your German shepherd

The German shepherds come under the strong dog category, and so they require high-quality food with proper nutrients. Their diet food should contain healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. You need to choose food that is of high quality and well-balanced. It is advised to feed your dog twice a day.

Some food that can be considered to deliver high-quality proteins is Chicken, Lamb, Beef, fish, turkey, etc. When it comes to healthy fats, flaxseed oil, fish oil, hemp seed oil, pork fat, and chicken fat can be included.

Now there is a category of foods that are to be avoided. Knowing them and avoiding them will prevent health issues related to digestion for your pet dog. Some of the foods to be avoided are Corn, grains, wheat gluten, soy, pea protein, BHA, and BHT.

Grooming the German Shepherds:

Grooming the German Shepherds

As with feeding, grooming is equally important to keep them healthy and free from infections.

Brush the dog at least twice weekly and during the shedding seasons, brush at least once daily. Clean the ears twice a week; this will help keep the ears free from dust, dirt, and pollens.

There are many queries about bathing your dog. Your furry dog needs a bath once a month. You can bath them at home, or you may take them to a grooming parlor where they do the work professionally.

German Shepherd vs Labrador Retriever

Schedule a Monthly Vet’s Appointment:

Schedule a Monthly Vet’s Appointment

Take your dog to a vet’s clinic to groom their nails, as long nails are painful for the dogs and may harm the people around them. The doctor may also suggest an ear checkup to confirm that your furry buddy is free from ear infections.

Regular health checks and visits to the vet clinic will ensure that your dog doesn’t miss his vaccinations. In addition, they will be providing deworming medications to the dogs every month.

A regular visit to the clinic also helps to know about the dog’s overall health condition and helps them keep strong and free from illness and infections.

Having a German shepherd as a companion is pride, happiness, and security. Giving them proper care and training will keep them healthy and strong.

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