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Wednesday , June 19 2024
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How to Raise a German Shepherd in a Modern Setting

The German Shepherd was initially bred on farms that specialized in caring for livestock. This breed features a broad, keen, and commanding stance that wows anyone who sees it. The breed is loyal, friendly, and becomes a fast member of the family once adopted.

Many people have used this canine as emotional support animals to get their minds off psychological problems. It has helped people cope with the loss of a loved one and even helped recovering addicts. If you are planning to own a German Shepherd, here is a guide on how to care for them.

How to care German Shepherd Dog?

Finding the Right Breeder

As a new owner, you need to find the right person to guide you when purchasing a puppy. A good breeder will be keen on his pets and will often invite you over to have a look at the parent dogs. The visit will give you an idea of what your puppy will look like once it’s fully grown.

Purebred German Shepherds come in different colors and slight size variations. If you are looking for a good line of healthy dogs, look for a reputable breeder, and do your research.

Consider Other Pets in Your Home

Consider Other Pets in Your Home

This is a breed that can react quite aggressively towards other animals in their space. You should, therefore, dedicate a lot of time to training your dog. This includes preparing them for the encounters they’ll have with other pets in your home.

If you choose to start with a puppy, the first two months are relatively straightforward. A young puppy might be shy, but not problematic to other pets in your home. This is the best time to kick start your social and behavioral training by introducing him/her to your other pets.

The case might be a little different from reptiles or amphibians. It’s recommended that you supervise them closely during the interactions to avoid issues.

There has also been speculation about bacterial diseases transmitted from pets such as snakes, lizards, and turtles to dogs. Check out this breakdown of reptiles vs amphibians to know how you can safely integrate your dog into the family.

The Teething Process

Teething happens when your puppy is around two months old. At this time, the little pooch could develop some scary bitty habits. They want to bite just about anything they come across. This is the period you would want to keep your valuables and wires hidden.

You can help your pup by buying a couple of chew toys and freezing them for a cooling effect. Old shoes and chew ropes are also useful in satisfying that itchy feeling on the gum.

Health Issues Common to German Shepherds

Health Issues Common to German Shepherds

Common diseases that affect German Shepherd dogs are related to their muscles and bones. These diseases can cause poor stability, reduced breeding, or cause lameness. It’s been shown that a poor diet or too much rigorous exercise can lead to problems.

The most common of these disorders are osteoarthritis, canine hip dysplasia, and cauda equina syndrome. Therefore, it is vital to start your puppy on the right diet path to strengthen its skeletal health during maturity and make sure that you don’t overdo it on the walks.

Some challenges come with purchasing a fully grown dog. It might have some underlying health concerns that can be costly to treat. Make sure you inquire about the health history of the dog you want to purchase.

Final Thoughts

German Shepherd dogs are a gem that every dog lover would want to own. With the right care and training, you will have an enjoyable experience with this loyal canine.

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