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Thursday , April 18 2024
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First Signs of Dog Pregnancy in dogs

First Signs of Dog Pregnancy in dogs

Are you ready to welcome puppies to your family? Well! It can be interesting if you like to increase your dog’s family. Knowing the first five signs of dog pregnancy is better when you own a female. As a female pet owner, it becomes your prime responsibility to stay alert and observe the physical changes in the dog.

Your dog may show evident signs by the later stage of gestation, like protruding belly, behavioral changes, and appetite changes. But, if your female canine is giving birth for the first time, she will require additional pregnancy care from you.

Remember that the gestation period of a dog is approximately two months. So, the changes will be quick. You must take utmost care in providing maximum rest and a healthy diet to your quadruped friend. The average number of days of pregnancy is 58 to 66 days.

There is a possibility you may miss the symptoms. Hence, take your pet to the vet if you notice any physical, behavioral, or dietary changes in your dog. And to make it easier, here are the early signs of pregnancy in a canine for your quick reference.

Early signs of pregnancy in a dogsigns of dog pregnancy

1. Decreased appetite:

The foremost symptom of pregnancy in canines is the loss of appetite. Some dogs feel sick in the first few weeks of conception. Hence, pregnancy makes it difficult for them to eat normally. However, this behavior may change in the later period of pregnancy.

2. Less active:

Even the sportiest dogs may refrain from running and playing around during the second trimester of their gestation. The hormones kick in and make it difficult for the female dogs to stay active as they are low on energy.

3. Swollen nipples:

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy in female dogs is the soreness of the nipples. The nipples of an unbred female are normal in size and flat. However, in pregnant dogs, the area beneath the nipples starts developing.

So, the entire part appears swollen.

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4. Increase in appetite:

Over the later days of pregnancy, your pet may ask for more food. You will see the urge for more quantity and the frequency of appetite in the dog. It is perfectly normal as the pups inside become active at the end of the first trimester, making the mother hungrier.

5. Change in nipple color:

Another significant sign in the pet during gestation is the nipple color change. You can notice that the nipples grow and look flushed most of the time. The nipples are getting ready for milk production, which results in color change.


Yes! It is the beginning of new life as soon you welcome cute pups. Go for a veterinary examination to properly check your dog’s health and wellness. You may also notice vaginal discharge during the pregnancy.

If you notice blood, mucus of reddish color, or an unpleasant odor discharge during the few weeks of gestation, seek an emergency appointment with the vet. It might be a sign of infection and can complicate the pregnancy. I hope you enjoy your pet’s pregnancy and the puppies’ arrival! All the best!

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