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Thursday , May 23 2024
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Pregnancy Care for Dogs-How to ensure better care for your dog

How to Take Care of Your Dog During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a precious moment in every animal’s life. In the case of dogs, it’s no less important. Like us, they also undergo some changes in their health.

Do you have any doubts regarding your canine friend’s pregnancy? Then, it would be advisable that you find out any symptoms or signals to understand if she is pregnant.

Some of the symptoms don’t appear before the completion of thirty days. So, you should pay attention if you see any change in her. They need more care and love at this time.

It is advisable to avoid vigorous exercises, workouts, or other activities during the pregnancy term. It is one of the crucial times to take proper guidance regarding food and medication from a veterinarian.

They provide you with the best guidance for this situation. Also, observing your dog’s behavioral changes helps you progress in dog care in this situation.

Dog Pregnancy

Symptoms of Pregnancy in Dogs

Observe the symptom to prepare for the upcoming situation. You may not understand that your dog is carrying pups unless you are at breeding time. Discharge from the vagina with swollen nipples is the first symptom.

Whatever the dog’s breed, the abdomen can’t hide; if the dog is pregnant. The abdomen size increases from twenty percent to a maximum of fifty percent until birth.

As soon as you observe any symptoms, immediately consult your vet. Do A USG to confirm if your dog is pregnant. Also, an endocrine helps to detect pregnancy.

Change in nature

There is a change in nature when they are pregnant. Pregnancy changes occur due to hormonal changes, and eternal motherhood makes the difference.

In this condition, their activity gets reduced, and they become lazy. They eat a few little at this time. Loss of urge to take food is a symptom of pregnancy complications.

Generally, hormone changes make them feel morning seek and reduce appetite. Pessimism is also a pregnancy symptom that may require vet consultation.

Dogs abrade the floor or stock food in time of pregnancy. It is natural to their home-building nature. Another nature you may observe is deportment.

They may be more stressed towards the loud sound and unknown persons. Generally, they are attentive and affectionate.

Dog Pregnancy Symptoms

Care is required for dogs during pregnancy

Supervise your dog effectively when she is pregnant, especially regarding nutrients. A balance of proteins and minerals will help the dog stay healthy and strong.

Offer her food rich in protein, fat, and minerals. A well-planned diet is required as a pregnant dog’s appetite increases 1.5 times as normal. You have to increase your budget to stock more food for them.

Do not retain food from the dog when she is pregnant because they require more to develop healthy puppies. It is essential to consult your vet at this juncture for some handy suggestions. You must know the list of good food for pregnant dogs.

They start taking food in small amounts more often than they do due to morning sickness. But in another way, they require more food due to their starvation. You can observe this in the last few days of pregnancy, as this is the time the faun grows faster.

There can be a presence of high sugar in the blood and weight gain during pregnancy. It makes them vulnerable to mothers and pups. But don’t go for dietary change. It’s better to consult your vet to tackle sugar and weight gain.

Also, supplements are not good in this situation which causes side effects for both mother and baby. This supplement may consist of too much calcium.

For those supplements, you should consult the vet. Check the label if choosing a commercial product for your pet from the market.

Look for the seal of authority. It will be present on the product label. It ensures that any well-known organization like AAFCO authenticates the chosen product.

Dog Pregnancy Care

Physical activity in pregnancy

Low or moderate activity is beneficial for pregnant canines. Don’t push the pregnant dog to do severe activities. Light workouts will be good for the dog.

Short walks are effective for pregnant dogs. But be sure not to allow them to spend time lazily. In the final stage of pregnancy, keeping them away from other dogs and animals is good.

It is advisable to do the indoor activity than outdoor ones. It also prevents the spreading of unknown diseases to the fawn.

Medical guidance

Do not vaccinate a pregnant dog without prior consultation with the vet. Avoid giving medicines as much as you can.

Some treatments are safe such as threadworm treatment medication. The vets recommend some treatments in pregnancy, such as caster and revolution flee.

Period of pregnancy

This period lasts long from sixty-three to sixty-five days. This process of giving birth is called whelping. Vet continuous observation is imperative for the last 21 days before the due date.

At the time of pregnancy, some dogs don’t whelp in the absence of an owner. So be careful about your vacation schedule. Provide them with a safe and calm large area where they can whelp.

Use a whelping box that is low in height. Place some paper to dry the fluid in time of whelp. Keep this place away from children and other animals.

It will help the dog to identify the smell. Don’t change the surrounding of the dog. It may feel unknown, stressed, and insecure.

Keep your house calm and regular. Some dogs may face trouble in loud and uncomfortable surroundings. Keep emergency numbers closer to you so that if any emergency arises due to pregnancy difficulty, they can help you go to the hospital.

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