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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Dentist Helps A Stray Dog With Broken Tooth

Recently, a private practitioner Dr. Roshan Sakharkar who got his medical degree from Government Dental College, helped a stray dog suffering from a broken teeth and a painful condition. He performed root canal surgery on the dog.

Being a dog lover himself, he regularly feeds over 30 stray dogs in his locality. He noticed one of his stray dogs being very aggressive after it broke its tooth. He decided to perform the surgery to help the dog get calmer and relieve his pain.

He performed the surgery at veterinary surgeon Dr. Ashish Holey’s clinic in Chhatrapati Square. Dr Swapnil Nagmote, who is also a vet assisted him during the surgery along with Dr. Ashish.

About the surgery

It is not uncommon for animals to get a root canal surgery done. However, most of the dentists are not aware that animals also need treatment similar to humans when it comes to tooth issues.

Dr. Roshan says that teeth are the most important part of a dog’s anatomy. They use teeth to chew, eat, defend themselves and attack while hunting. A toothache can be very painful for dogs and can cause them to act aggressively. Most veterinarians tend to treat animal tooth related issues by extracting the tooth. It could affect their daily routine, lifestyle or even permanently disable them.

How Dr. Roshan managed to get the dog to comply

He lured the dog with chicken pieces to a custom-made cage. As the dog entered the cage, it was anesthetized. From capturing the dog, sedating and operating on it took almost 2 hours. The procedure included cleaning of the tooth roots, disinfecting them and filling it. The dog is now returned to its pack on the street and is much calmer and happier now.

Have you or someone you know have done something similar for the stray dogs in the locality? Share your amazing stories with us at [email protected]

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