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Saturday , April 13 2024
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Are Siberian Huskies Aggressive Dogs?

Are Siberian Huskies Aggressive Dogs?

On contrary to the popular belief that claims Siberian Huskies are hound dogs and aggressive, most owners say Siberian Huskies are anything but aggressive. Here, let’s have a fact check about the myths of this popular dog breed who apparently can say “I Love You. “

What are Siberian Huskies like?

Siberian Huskies are very sociable, adventurous, free-spirited, and playful breeds to adore and domesticate in houses. They are very jolly, agile on the feet, love vigorous exercises, and outdoor games, which means ideally, they should be taken out for walking, hiking, running, and so on.

Most aggressive dog breeds lack a knack for such playful activities and have an all-time suspecting temperament about newcomers and other dogs. However, it is recommended to season your Husky with other dogs or pets when it is still a puppy as the temperament of each dog differs.

Why do some Siberian Husky Dogs seem Aggressive?

Aggressiveness is a lot of the time determined by genes, raising, and training. Normally, Siberian Huskies are not so aggressive, but if your dog seems so, there might be other underlying causes such as any of these:

  1. Lack of exercise or outdoor games may lead your Husky to leave your yard in search of adventure.
  2. May cause destruction inside the house or howl endlessly if left alone for long periods or bored.
  3. May show aggressiveness if mistreated
  4. Or due to some health issues

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What’s the truth?

AKC defines Siberian Huskies to not possess the extreme qualities of a guard dog, neither are they excessively aggressive with other dogs or strangers. In fact, a healthy Siberian Husky will welcome home any stranger or non-aggressive dog naturally. If you are looking for a dog who will keep your house lively, sporty, and you can confidently take care of its adventurous demands, go ahead without a doubt.

How to avoid the wrong Husky?

  1. If you are choosing an adult Husky, you can easily check how its temperament is by observing it for some time.
  2. If you are choosing an adult Husky, make sure you learn about its raising, training, and health condition to judge whether it may show aggressive nature later on. Usually, poor health and mistreatment by the previous owner can lead to aggressiveness among Huskies.
  3. If you are purchasing a Husky puppy, you can check its gene and family history to avoid mishaps.
  4. Finally, if you own a Siberian Husky, make sure you properly train him by a professional and take care of its regular exercises and playful needs to keep it satisfied.
  5. Never leave a Siberian Husky on its own, it will gradually develop destructive chewing habits and howl incessantly enough for your neighbors to call the cops.

Not aggressive, but Siberian Huskies do have a strong instinct to chase anything that runs, for instance, a cat. Young Siberian Huskies are exuberant, rowdy, restless, and may seem a bit too attention-seeking, but they are totally adorable from top to bottom. Plus, Huskies can be easily trained to do household chores, and they are responsive to human communication as well.

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