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Is A Siberian Husky Right for You?

Is A Siberian Husky Right for You?

Siberian husky is a beautiful dog breed, but it is not a dog for everyone. Before you decide to get a husky, it is important to understand the true nature and temperament of the husky.

Generally, they are happy, affectionate, and strong-willed breeds; however, they demand an enormous amount of attention and are quite vocal about it.

If you planning to get a Husky at home, you need to know the following things.

A Clean breed

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Siberian huskies are an exceptionally clean dog breed and they shed quite a lot. They have a thicker coat than most dogs and take incredible pride in keeping their coat clean.

They don’t have any typical dog odors and do not suffer from any easy allergies. They are known for their clean eating habits. If you put a bowl of food in front of them, they will lick it clean without spilling it.

Consider climatic conditions

Husky is a breed that is meant to live in extremely cold conditions. They do not fare well in hot conditions. So, if you reside in a location where the climate remains hot for the most part of the year, you need to reconsider your choice.

If you still want to pursue getting a husky then ensure you can keep up with 24hrs air conditioning. You have to be extremely careful during summers as they tend to fall ill if they are exposed to too much heat. Don’t forget to take them for their routine Veterinary checkup.


Siberian Huskies are not a dog breed for first-time dog owners. They need to be socialized early and by an experienced and patient family. Siberian huskies are very energetic dog breeds and do very well with lively families and especially children.

However, this is not the dog to leave alone at home. Remember, huskys do not consider humans as their owners or masters, they consider their humans as companions.

They can be moody and pretty destructive if left alone or not given enough attention. They are affectionate and warm, but can often turn stubborn and check your leadership skills.

They need a lot of exercises

Siberian huskies need a lot of exercises every day to stay healthy and active. These dogs are initially bred for pulling sleighs in the snow. They can run for hours without water and in harsh cold conditions.

So, if you want to get a Husky, prepare to provide them with a good amount of daily exercise. It is a necessity to keep them happy and content. Daily activities can include regular walking, playing, and swimming, etc.

Pros of Siberian Huskies

  • Friendly and gentle and intelligent dog breed
  • Husky are very economical as they take very less intake per pound as compared to other dog breeds
  • Husky dog breed is naturally very clean and does not stink
  • Huskies are playful and agile beings with lots of stamina. They are excellent in running, hiking, camping, and biking companions.

Now, that you know some basics about keeping a Husky, would you get one? Also, if anyone you know has a husky at home and you believe that they might not know about the above-mentioned pointers about a husky, share this article with them.

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