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Thursday , May 23 2024
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A Guide To Choosing Safe Chew Toys For Dogs

Dog Chew Toys: Guide to Choosing Safe Chew Toys for Dogs

Dogs just love to chew or munch on things, especially if they are teething. It is a habit universal for types of dog breeds. Dogs don’t chew just for fun. They do it to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Chewing also keeps their gums and jaw healthy and in shape.

As a pet parent, you must understand the importance of chewing for your pup. However, we can understand the frustration when you see them chew up your shoes, PC wires, cushions, tables, and more.

So, how would you resolve this chewing problem? We have got a solution for you. Dog chew toys!

There are many dogs chew toys available in the market for you. However, we recommend chewing toys that are environment-friendly and safe for your dogs.

Now, you cannot just go online and pick a chew toy for your dog. There are some things to consider to choose safe chew toys for your dogs. Here they are:

What is your dog’s chewing habit?

While all dogs like to chew on stuff, the habit and chewing style vary from dog to dog. There are four kinds of chewing patterns.

The Shredders:

Most common in large dogs like German Shepherds, Boxers, Pitbulls, etc. They usually tear or chew everything down to shreds, from pillows, carpets, and bedsheets to shoes, bags, and more.

The eaters:

Some bigger dog breeds, like Bernese, Saint Bernard, bulldogs, etc., not only chew on stuff but sometimes gulp them down. They carry the stuff in their mouth to chew, and now and then, they accidentally or knowingly gulp them down, causing bowel restrictions and more problems.

The nibblers:

Small dogs breeds like Pugs, Pomeranians, Shi Tzu, etc., like to nibble on things. They are attracted to shoes and wires mostly.

The tuggers:

Dogs like Chihuahua, Dachshund, and labs could be chewers or nibblers. But mostly, they are known for tugging on wires, ropes, and door handles to soothe their chewing cravings.

Chew toys as per chewing type

Chew toys as per chewing type

For Shredders, the best kind of toys would be rubber toys. They are pretty hard to tear down and last longer. We are talking about solid rubber toys that are hard to tear.

For Eaters, you can go with any type of large toy they cannot carry in their mouth. A long bone, rope, or rubber toy can do the trick.

For Nibblers, while they don’t sound too destructive, they are the most dangerous ones to look out for. The dogs with nibbling habits can destroy almost anything they set their eye on. We recommend giving them chewing sticks or bones when they are young.

Dental toys are a perfect fit for these kinds of chewers. It satiates their chewing craving and also makes their teeth and gums stronger.

For Tuggers,  you can get rope toys or tug-of-wall kind of toys for them. They will enjoy the pull action, and their jaws will grow stronger.

What toWhat toys to avoidys to avoid

What toys to avoid?

Bones! Yes, avoid giving them hard treats or bones as chewing toys, especially at an early age. These are high in calories and can make your dog addicted to such treats. It can cause them to gain weight as well.

Metal toys! Avoid giving them toys made of metal or too hard materials. It can cause tooth damage or gum damage

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