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Saturday , April 13 2024
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6 Reasons Why Dogs Are Considered Man's Best Friend

6 Reasons Why Dogs Are Considered Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are rightly a man’s best friend, but also their oldest ones. From the pages of history, we know canines were the first animals to be domesticated by humans, but the story doesn’t end there.

From the famous story of how Golden Retrievers contracted the name ‘retriever’ to the first dog that reached space, there’s more to learn about the bond between dogs and humans.

1. They don’t Hold Grudges

One of the worst parts of human friendships is that, as a rule, they recall the list of the occasions you’ve wronged them and will hold it against you for the remaining part of their lives. Unlike humans, canines have a terrible grudge-holding capacity and the “blessing” of poor short-term memory.

That implies you can meddle with your Doberman’s tail, play around with its food, and pull on its ears; however much you might want, it won’t hold a grudge. You might have a fabulous time irritating your Doberman, and your canine will overlook it instantly and behave with you like their best bud. It’s really one of the best reasons to have dogs as your best friend.

2. Dogs Bear Good Long-Term Memory

While your Rottweiler will overlook you pulling on their tail, they won’t overlook the bond they share with you. Moreover, if you abandon them, you will leave an enduring effect in their mind that they’ll never shake off.

This is one of the primary reasons why a dog is so loyal to its owner or to the one who rescued its life and shares a special bond with them among all family members. They will be eternally grateful to their hooman and hence suffer from severe separation anxiety that they cannot overcome in their lifetime, unlike humans.

3. Dogs are Intuitive

Dogs are the most intuitive animals on Earth and can sense if something wrong is going to happen. Similarly, dogs can mimic your emotions and sense if you are not okay or sad, ill, or disturbed.

They will offer you their shoulder to cry upon and will even mourn with you to share your pain. No human can share your emotions so perfectly as your golden retriever does, admit it!

4. Dogs keep you Motivated

Having dogs at home is a great motivation to go for regular walks, exercise, stay clean, as you will have to do the same for your pet on a regular basis. Dogs are a great motivation to hit the gym regularly and are a great companion to share their steps with yours.

5. Dogs will never turn you down

Humans can cancel a dinner date, anniversary, or even travel ticket, but dogs won’t ever do that! No need to worry if that bar guy will look at you awkwardly if you dine around – of course, your golden retriever is your family member, date, best friend, a partner in crime, and everything else. What else could be better than this for an introvert?!

6. Dogs love Unconditionally

The most important of all reasons why dogs are man’s best friend – dogs love unconditionally and teach you how to do so. Beware of your heart being broken if you apply that to a human being or your face being broken if you apply that to another dog! Dogs can be jealous of sharing their hoomans with someone else, but you can never find a more loyal and unconditioned lover like your Rottweiler!


With time, evolution made the bond between the first hunter duos even stronger, and now, for some people, their dog is the only hopeful thing they wake up to in this world of pain.

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