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Saturday , April 13 2024
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10 Things to Know About Owning a Pitbull Breed

Pitbulls have long been rumored with bad impressions – of being ferocious on owners, not getting along well, unmanageable, and so on and so forth. But, today, you will get the right facts delivered to you, which you should not miss if you are planning on buying a pitbull.

10 Things To Know Before Getting A Pitbull

1. Preparation

If you are planning on buying a Pitbull, one or all of the following may happen, prepare well in advance:

  • Parents not allowing their children to play in your house
  • Your dog not being invited to family functions
  • Families turning down visits
  • Landlords telling you to vacate
  • Neighbors call cops simply because they are afraid

These may or may not happen, but one thing is for sure – no thief will dare to enter your house. Plus, if you can manage your pet well, you might become the talk of the town for your courage and ownership.

2. Vigorous Exercise

A Pitbull breed has enormous exercise requirements – as strenuous as daily running, climbing, agility, weight pulling, tire swinging, hiking. If you can’t afford this, don’t think of buying a Pitbull ever.

Simply because, if their energy is not strained, they will cause havoc in your daily life (even neighbors). Pitbulls are terriers; they popularly get called “terrorists” Because of their infinite energy and exuberance inside.

3. Shedding

Beware of their shedding habit – they shed a lot during winter to spring and winter to autumn conversion.

4. High Maintenance

These are high-maintenance breeds and prone to skin and GI infections. It requires high maintenance for its health check-ups and food habit; it is better to be prepared mentally.

5. Intolerance

Pitbull breeds don’t naturally tolerate other dog breeds, however, they may adjust to other pets in the house. Unlike other breeds, Pitbulls don’t show adjustment with other dogs even if they are kept together from their puppyhood.

6. Friendly

Despite popular beliefs, Pitbulls are friendly around groups of people, especially family members. They are sociable, entertaining, and easy-going by nature.

7. Aggressiveness

This breed shows aggressiveness to its owners or family members only when they are in a bad mental state – fighting separation anxiety or have previously dealt with mistreatment. So, you should be aware of an adult Pitbull’s history if you are adopting one, or its parent’s history if you are buying a puppy.

8. Not for Babysitting

Do not ever leave your children alone with a Pitbull. Though they are family dogs, they do have aggressiveness in their genes and are not fit for babysitting. It’s very difficult to guess a Pitt’s temperament, just like mood swings.

9. Training

Keep it under control emotionally and physically by carrying out extensive training routines by professional trainers.

10. Family Dog

Last but not least, don’t keep your Pitbull unattended or treat it poorly within your family or in front of outsiders. They are sensitive, nurture grudges, and also suffer from mental issues like separation anxiety, etc. Involve it in your family time, play with it, but don’t neglect it out of fear.

Owning a Pitbull breed is one of the most courageous things to do in human life and one decision here and there – you could be finished.

Owning a Pitbull comes with extra responsibility as you have to maintain proper behavior at all times – emotionally, physically, and socially.

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