Things To Know About The Long Haired French Bulldog
Saturday , June 15 2024
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What Are The Things To Know About The Long Haired French Bulldog

What Are The Things To Know About The Long Haired French Bulldog?

In the recent past, dog lovers have shown immense love to have pets of their own choice. The breed that has stormed the internet is the super rare cuties. Are you thinking about getting your friendly mate by your side?

For your active lifestyle, the adorable Frenchies are just the ones that you need! You can collect every bit of information about the dog type and the long-haired French bulldog can be your perfect companion.

Do pet lovers easily find them to tame these dogs as their pets? No, the particular breed rarely exists. You have to keep your search going to welcome this breed to your house.

Their shaggy hair makes them unique. Some dog buyers are specific in color options. To overwhelm with color choices, these dogs are available in standard color options such as tan, black, brindle, fawn, and white.

How the Breeds Get Their Genes?

The rare recessive longhair gene called L4 is present in both the father and mother of the long-haired French bulldog. The parents don’t have to have long hair of their own but certainly, they need to have the gene present in the DNA. This helps them to produce long-haired offspring.

The appearance of the Bulldog

These dogs are extremely easy to fall in with. The long hair Frenchie is well known for its fluffy appearance. Their medium-length wavy hairs over the chest, back, head, and ears make them look the same. The rare breed becomes quite desirable to every pet lover.

Their body size, shape, and their bat-like ears make them look perfect. The coats of these dogs are not as smooth as we are used to. When we emerge in the discussion of a dog’s appearance, surely the height and weight of the dogs are important to measure as well.

Respectively, it ranges to 25-35 centimeters and the weight varies between 8-15 kilograms. Though these dogs are small in size, they are extremely muscular.

How Safe Are These Dogs?

Mostly, many of us still have a fear for dogs. Does the same happen for the long haired French bulldog? The characteristics of these breeds differ from the rest of the dogs. Nothing to worry about because buyers experience joy with these species whilst they are extremely loyal to their masters.

These cheerful French dogs are the perfect safeguards for your home. Also, you can leave your children with these faithful pets. The household members show their utmost concern to treat them with a positive attitude.

Temperament of Frenchie

By now, can you guess the temperament of the Frenchie? Yes, they share a cool temper and that makes their devoted pets. They also share strong emotions and become more affectionate to household members. Bulldogs become aggressive with their strangers. But, if they gain the trust, they would surely not let them go anywhere!

If you love to cuddle a lot, this is the perfect companion of yours. Their pleasant personality holds a different charm. They develop immense satisfaction when they can play a lovely game with their masters or go for just a walk in the park.

Often, we experience the loud barks of dogs and it annoys our neighbors. So the dog lovers should choose the long hair Frenchie to keep safe their noise-sensitive neighbors. They are the ideal pets for any housing condition. Next, it barks rarely and mostly in specific conditions.

How to Take Care of the Health of Frenchies?

The skull physiology of dogs is such that it leads to some difficulties resulting in respiratory problems. The pet masters can identify their discomfort as the dogs start snuffling and panting during intense physical workouts. It also gets noticeable during their sleep and their body temperature starts rising.

Pet masters should take care of the fact and they should avoid taking their pets outdoors on warm sunny days. Instead, they should be given small portions of breed food to avoid choking. They need to eat slowly and bite each portion of food well.

The long hair Frenchie is prone to infections. It results because the bulldog’s wrinkle results in water accumulation. To keep your pet’s health glowing, you need to take routine care. As this breed tends to develop frequent skin problems and allergies, their health should be periodically monitored. More importantly, excessive moisture needs to be prevented.

Like humans investing much time and attention to groom themselves, the dogs require the same kind of care. Try to keep the dog’s coat shiny and to do so, it doesn’t require much effort. Regular dog brushing and bathing are equally important.

Dogs need to be fit and sound. The particular breed tends to gain weight faster. You can manage it by allowing your pet to do several physical activities. Some regular daily exercises can help them to restrict overgrowth. Instead of running or a bike ride, the long and slow walks would definitely produce better outcomes. Don’t ever leave your pet near some waterbody because the long-haired French dog cannot swim.

Suggestive Measures to Protect Your Pet

As you care a lot for the flurry puppy, you worry more about their security. These dogs want to have fun on their own and play all the time. So, wisely choose some accessories that will keep your pets free. These breeds are found sleepy and so they require a comfortable dog bed.

A careful purchase of the dog bed is vital and it needs to be hypoallergenic. To feed the dog properly, you need to select a big bowl so that the pet can insert the square-shaped face. Further to avoid hair loss around the dog’s neck, the dog master has to buy a superior quality dog collar.

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