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Chiropractor Resets Dog's Neck, Leaves His Dog Speechless

Watch: Chiropractor Resets Dog’s Neck, Leaves His Dog Speechless

Going to a chiropractor is sometimes a fun experience. People go there to get relief from muscle tension and pain. But have you ever seen a dog at a chiropractor? There are so many cute dog videos on the internet, and this is one of them.

A dog was apparently left speechless after a chiropractor reset its neck. The video is going viral, and it’s too pretty to miss.

In a video posted by user @DailyLoud on Twitter, a dog can be seen enjoying a successful chiropractor visit. The 9-second video, which has gone massively viral, was posted with the caption reads, “Chiropractor resets dogs neck, and the dog was left speechless.”

As the video starts, a man carefully places his hands around a dog’s neck. He then cracks the neck of the dog as chiros do and says to the dog, “okay.” The best part of the video is when the dog realizes what has happened and is left speechless.

The dog doesn’t move or bark and looks at the chiropractor with his lovely puppy eyes. The video ends with the dog seemingly smiling. The video is the best thing you will see today on the internet.

For many obvious reasons, the video went super viral. It currently has more than 5 million views, with many likes, comments, and retweets. People can’t get over the speechless dog. A user wrote, “Bro thought He was face to face with God in doggy heaven.”Another user added, “I do this all the time with my dog it help your dog mobility and agility.” A third user wondered, “How did they know that dog was having an issue? I’ve never seen such a thing before.”

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