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Saturday , May 18 2024
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Wagging Tails | Chennai Gets A Cab Service Exclusive For Pets

This initiative was taken by two women – Jayashree Ramesh and Kamal Banger. They call their cab service for pets under new brand name “Wagging tails,” which is a part of a larger group known asHearty Paws.‘ It was founded in the year 2014 by a group of 12 women who are animal rights activists and believe in helping animals who are in distress. Hearty Paws also promotes dog adoption and stray dog welfare.

The Story Behind Wagging Tails

Ms. Jayashree Ramesh said that one night they got the news that one of their friend couldn’t find a vehicle to take her sick dog to a hospital. Jayashree went to help but by the time they took the dog to vet, it died. This made Jayashree Ramesh and Kamal Banger realize that they need to do something to help people who also face the same issue.

They were already planning to do something for the pets in Chennai and with this incident they decided to transform their plan into reality. Thus, Wagging tails cab service was launched on 13 March 2016. Currently, they drive two cars, one for big dogs and other one is to accommodate smaller dogs or puppies.

“I drive the small car myself, or ask my husband to help out,” said Ms. Jayashree. “We are looking for drivers as most of the calls that we get are from far away places like Thiruverkadu,” she said.

The first service they offered was to an owner who wanted to take her pet for vaccination, but couldn’t find a vehicle that allowed pets inside.

“It is sad that animals suffer so much silently, and do not get timely help. Many do not allow injured pets inside their vehicles,” said Ms. Kamal. “We are here to help to the best of our ability,” said Ms. Kamal.

Here are some dog pictures transported via Wagging Tails cab service:
PET cab service1

PET cab service2

PET cab service4

Image credits: Hearty paws/Facebook

The cab service is provided for owners having dogs, cats and birds and will be available round the clock. They also offer pickup and drop service for stray dogs in need of medical assistance. Contact numbers to book their cab service: 9003055606 & 9841022214

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