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Sunday , September 27 2020
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Virat Kohli And His Love For Dogs

He has been a revolutionary find for Indian Cricket. With an electric personality on-field and off-field, Virat kohli has become the instant heartthrob of the nation. We recently found out that there is something common between Virat and Us We both love Dogs! In fact, Virat is one of the most famous pet lover/cricketers in India.


Virat says that he always had a pet in his life and he has loved all his pet dogs deeply. His first pet was a white Pomeranian, then he had a Golden Labrador Retriever called Rico and now he has a cute beagle named Bruno.


Brono is 3 years old and has a similar electric personality as Virat. Bruno is highly energetic and loves to be in action.  Virat believes that Bruno is a lucky charm for him as he never feels down whenever he is around Bruno.


He says that his Bruno loves to take ride with him in his car, with his head outside the window and his tongue wagging!


Virat loves to pamper his dog with treats and takes really good care of him. He takes him out for walks and even for runs on daily basis whenever he is around! He feeds Bruno proper dog food.


Virat advises that one must take care of  all the requirements of a pet and completely see to their exercise, nutrition and grooming needs.


We wish Virat Kohli and the team India, all the best for the ongoing T20 World Cup 2016!


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