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Thursday , May 23 2024
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Tips For Keeping Your Senior Dog Cool This Summer

Tips For Keeping Your Senior Dog Cool This Summer!

The summer season can be a tiresome and challenging time for everyone, including your pets. Senior dogs are more sensitive to heat than young dogs, especially if they are snub-nosed breeds like pugs.

From minor diet changes to some lifestyle tips, this article covers significant areas of senior dog care during summer. Keep reading to find out.

Always give them fresh, cool water

Always have fresh water available and toss a few ice cubes in it on hot days. Ensure that your dog is maintaining an optimal level of hydration. You can also make popsicles out of low-sodium chicken broth to give your dog a fun summer treat. Also, ensure to carry a water bottle for our dog when you take him for a walk.

Take them out of the car

Never leave your senior dog inside a car parked in the sun because they are far less tolerant at that age. You never know when they can feel overwhelmed due to the heat, so take them along with you and eliminate all the risk.

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Make a few diet changes

Apart from cool water, a few foods can naturally help your senior dog beat the heat. Add some slices of cucumbers and apples while reducing the number of jerky strips and rawhide from their diet.

You can also add some blueberries to the popsicles mentioned before to add some variety and nutrition. For the best diet, seek advice from your dog’s vet.

Avoid the sun

Walk your dogs early in the morning or after sunset to avoid the harsh sunlight. Remember, if you feel overwhelmed by the sunlight, then so does your dog.

Let them take a break

Happy Dog on Couch with Old Man

The summer season only adds to this lethargy with excruciating heat. Lay off the exercise if your dog seems too exhausted or does not want to do it.

If exercise is a must, switch to light activities with plenty of in-between breaks. As an added measure, you can also choose water-based activities for the summer.

Pool days

Pool days during the summer season are a must. A small children’s pool can be a great addition to a senior dog’s weekly activity. If you don’t own a pool, hose your dog down or get a dog sprinkler.

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Don’t miss the spa

When it comes to elderly dogs, you need to be more vigilant about their skin, hair, and nails. Irrespective of the breed (long/short hair, shedding/non-shedding), never miss a trip to the pet salon. Having their coat shampooed and cut to perfection can destress them and take heaps to work off your hands.

Create some breeze and shade

siberian husky dog black and white with brown eyes lying on yard at home, 8 years old fog


Take a look at your dog’s personal space and check if it is at an optimal temperature. Install a little table fan and switch it on occasion to let your dog experience a nice gush of wind.

Draw the curtains in if sunlight directly falls into his space. An air-conditioned room is even better for your senior dog.

After your dog crosses a certain age, it is critical to monitor its lifestyle closely. With these tips, you are fully prepared to make summer easy for your senior dog.

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