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Tuesday , June 25 2024
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Ten Tips for Safely Introducing Your Baby To Your Dog

Ten Tips for Safely Introducing Your Baby To Your Dog

Introducing your baby to your dog can be challenging, even if you have the cutest dog breeds. Whether you have a family small dog-like Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Pug, etc., or a large dog – like Labrador, Golden Retriever, etc., even though they are affectionate and kid-safe, they will require training to get used to newborns.

Therefore before you bring your baby home, there are some things you need to remember and prepare even the cutest dog breeds, to have a smooth transition.

10 Tips For Safely Introducing Your Baby To Your Dog

  1. Change your dog routine like eating, sleeping, walking, etc., matching to when the baby comes home. Start decreasing the amount of attention and playtime you give to your dog like Shih Tzu, Pug, or Pomeranian, etc., as your baby will take up most of your time later.
  2. Train your dog to sit and stay. Also, teach your dog to obey commands like “leave it” and “drop it.”
  3. Make your dog used to new sounds and smells like baby sounds, smells of baby shampoos, powders, and lotions.
  4. Familiarize your dog with baby mannerisms like gentle poke and softy tug at their ear, just as a baby might do.
  5. Most dog behaviorists recommend expecting parents to introduce a lifelike doll to their dog before bringing the baby home. Carry it in your arms while you take your pup for a walk to make them accept the change.
  6. When you bring the baby home, let the other members of your family enter first to reduce the amount of newness for your dog.
  7. As you enter with the baby, be calm and relaxed. Talk to your dog and greet them (as you normally do) to keep things as routine as possible.
  8. Before introducing, allow your dog to sniff a blanket used by your baby to familiarize themselves with the scent.
  9. While introducing, have someone in the room to keep your dog on a leash while you carry your baby.
  10. Small children can accidentally injure Pomeranians, while large dog breeds might underestimate their size and strength and injure babies while trying to play with them. So, supervise their playtime while monitoring both of their body languages the entire time.


Whether you have small family dogs like Shih Tzu or Pug or large ones, reward them every time they show their best behavior. Shower love and affection on both your baby and dog and teach them to respect each other. For more information, comment below.

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