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Saturday , July 20 2024
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5 Ways To Help Stray Dogs In Your Neighborhood

Help Stray Dogs

Guest post! Be it through buying a dog, adopting one from the shelter, or taking care of the neighborhood stray, there are many ways dog lovers can cherish and care for dogs. Because not everybody can take a pet home and for many different reasons, the third way (taking care …

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Foreigners Adopted Stray Dogs From India

Foreginers adopted stray dogs from India

Leo, Raja and Rani- three stray dogs from the city will be heading for Germany on Monday. Courtesy, Marie Rossier, a Hamburg-based lawyer and her sister Diane. Both of them have adopted the stray dogs from India. Marie and Diane were in the city on Sunday for completing the paperwork …

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Dog Rescued From A Freezing Pond In England

dog rescued in England

Recently, a woman rescued a 1- year old dog from an icy pond in Chatham, England. The woman, Lauren Staab said, “I was at my boyfriend’s house when I looked out the window and saw the poor dog swimming in a small section of the pond in Glenwood Lake Estates …

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A Garbage Dump Converted Into A Dog Park In Bengaluru

Dog park jpg

Recently, an ugly garbage dump was converted into a dog park named “Domlur Dog Park” near the CPWD Housing Colony, HAL Airport Road Bengaluru. 3 weeks ago this pet park was an illegal garbage dump. But with the help of the “Ugly Indian Group” volunteers and proactive residents of Domlur …

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