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Thursday , April 18 2024
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Successful Dog Event Organized By Furever Friends

A stress buster event was organized by Furever Friends Foundation at the Chandigarh Club. The event was held in order to promote dogs with special needs (handicapped). The other motto of the event was to let people spend a stress-free Sunday in the company of dogs.

The event included various activities ranging from fashion show to brave dog march and fun zones like photo booth, session with dogs and kissing booth.

To checkout highlights of STRESS BUSTER 1.0, visit here!

This event offered a chance for dog lovers to meet various breeds who had survived the worst mishaps during the brave dogs’ march event.

The main highlight of this event was an awareness session about random adoptions. This event was organized to promote dogs with special needs.

According to Vikas Luthra, founder of the foundation,

“They need care and there is a need for their promotion so that people are more sensitive towards them and extend as much help as possible to such dogs.”

Talking about why the event had been named as stress buster, he said:

“The animals are known to be natural anti-depressants. When someone plays with animals, human brain is said to release hormones that make us happy. The event was aimed at making everyone happy by letting them cuddle dogs.” The event also had people who had set an example by adopting handicapped dogs.2

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