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Thursday , April 18 2024
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Stray dog in Chandigarh

Stray Dog Sterilisation Drive To Start From 1st August In Chandigarh

Chandigarh Municipal Corporation will start a stray dog sterilization drive on 1st August, to tackle stray dogs in the city.

KK Yadav, MC Commissioner of Chandigarh said that the renovation work of the sterilization centre is almost at the final stage, would be completed shortly.  He said MC will ensure that the firm selected for the work does the job sincerely.

According to MC Commissioner

For the firm, it has been made mandatory to sterilize 200 dogs a month or pay a penalty of Rs 100 per animal. The penalty amount will be deducted from the monthly bill of the firm, which will be paid Rs 1,000 per dog for the entire process, including catching the canine.

Due to MC had ended the firm last month, the sterilization work was stopped since then.

Now, the MC staff will give a monthly sterilization schedule to the firm. The firm will preserve the reproductive organ of the dog after surgery and hand it over to the MC for a count of the canines classified as Indian dog breeds, sterilized in a month.

Manoj Kumar Bansal, Chief Engineer, MC, said the CCTV cameras will be equipped in dog sterilization centre and other facilities too.  It has also been made mandatory for the firm to appoint a veterinarian, two compounders, a driver and eight dog catchers.

No let-up in dog-bite cases

Around 500 to 600 victims are visiting local dispensaries for treatment every month in the city. Especially, the residents those who are living in southern sectors, complain that these stray breeds of Indian dogs could be found roaming around every neighbourhood. They are commonly found in parks and gardens, making it difficult for people and children to use the green spaces for daily walks and playing purposes.

According to a source,  During the past 5 years, about 8,000 stray dogs have been sterilized and vaccinated against rabies. The MC has been under attack over the increasing dog population.

Reference: The Tribune

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