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Thursday , June 20 2024
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Six Dogs Found Poisoned on Banks of Pavana in Pune

Six Dogs Found Poisoned on Banks of Pavana in Pune

A man found at least six dogs, including his pet, dead in the Pimple Gurav area of Pimpri- Chinchwad, early on Monday morning.

The corpses, one of them allegedly partially charred, were found on the banks of the Pavana river in Pimple Gurav. The corpses were allegedly frothing from the mouth.

A complaint in the matter was lodged by Vinod Rajan Murar (50), a resident of Shivneri Colony in Pimple Gurav.

“My dog came home yesterday (Monday) morning and looked completely drained. We gave him water and took him upstairs, and he stopped breathing within minutes. We then discovered one female who was barely a year old near the river and four other dogs who were lying dead in the vicinity. I suspect that someone has given them something poisonous to eat,” said Murar.

The dogs were all Indian local breeds.

While the 5-year-old male was a pet in the care of Murar, the others were street dogs, he said.

“One of them was the mother was frothing from the mouth, so were the other dogs. One other female, black in colour, was found in a white sack with her body partially burnt,” added Murar.

The activists blamed the Pimpri-Chinchwad municipal corporation for the rise in the dog population.

“I blame this entirely on the corporation; it is their very bad implementation of the animal birth control programme. The corporation bodies keep on flouting the rules even after the sterilisation programme is conducted on one street, some people from corporations will relocate female dogs on the same street. Till such illegal activity does not stop such incidence will keep on happening. Neither PMC or PCMC have an animal birth control community which is a must for all the corporations according to the Animal Welfare Board of India,” said Vineeta Tandon, co-founder and trustee, Animal Rescue Trust.

“It was unexpected, the reason is still not known, but generally people who are frustrated due to dog activities in their area they take such steps. People should consult NGOs who can help to solve their problems, but in haste, they end up poisoning dogs which is not a right solution,” said Sumit Tarte, animal rights activist, Animal Adoption and Rescue Team.

A case under Sections 427, 429 of Indian Penal Code along with Section 11(1)(L) of Animal Cruelty Prevention Act has been registered at Sangvi police station on Monday.

Source: Hindustantimes

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