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Tuesday , June 25 2024
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Seven Ways of Making Your Senior Dog's Life Happy

7 Easy Ways of Making Your Old Dog’s Life Happy

As your dog grows old, seeing the changes becomes a painful sight. When humans grow old, it is a different experience. They achieve many experiences and knowledge with age and find their life fruitful.

In the case of dogs, as they age, it becomes difficult for them as they get frail and wait for their old age to engulf them. It is not just about losing their physical self; they tend to get weak emotionally too.

Then, you have to return all the good things they had done for you. It’s a time when they need your company and supports the most. Check 7 ways to make your dog’s life happier in old age.

7 Ways to Have a Happy Senior Dog

1. Spend some time together

All your dog needs at this time are to be with you. Spending time with your old dog is the best gift you can give it. As you get busier in life, your dog won’t get the same attention.

With time, your old dog won’t be able to jump onto your lap as you stay occupied with your work. As it gets bigger and older, it gets tired and needs more sleep. At this stage, you can let your furry friend snuggle close to you when you watch your favorite TV shows.

Try grooming their coat and letting them be your partner in your gardening chores. Then, your dog will be happy to be around you whenever possible.

senior dog training tips

2. Keep the games light

Playing games like fetch would be hard on your dog’s health, so interactive toys and puzzles at this age would be better options. Older dogs prefer to spend most of the time just sitting and doing nothing.

The toys are excellent means of keeping them engaged and ensuring they spend their time appropriately. The games keep them active mentally. Do not let them get bored, depressed, or feel lonely.

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3. Going out on trips 

It’s time to make memories. The best way is to go out on short-planned trips. It’s not unusual to find your dog less active than before, so it won’t be chasing you or wagging its tail.

On the contrary, you may find it sitting in a lonely spot and just watching you go from there. So, plan a pleasant road trip or go hiking, and your dog will enjoy the experience of exploring the world subtly.

4. Scent games

Apart from puzzle toys, playing send games is also a good idea. In this way, you can give it a chance to reinforce its sensory abilities. They can play games such as ante up, finder’s keepers, and round trip. In these games, scented baits are used for playing. The best scents can be that of food, and they are the best baits used.

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5. Getting a portrait made 

Here is another fun way of adding happiness to your dog’s life. Get your dog’s portrait done. It would be a big threat. Perhaps they would not be able to acknowledge the portrait in the same way as we humans do. But it could make them feel valued and give them a feeling of authority.

Looking at their huge portrait in their room or the lounge, they feel more strongly like part of the family. Perhaps this is something each dog wants.

You can gain more from it when the portrait is hung in your room. You make your beloved pet immortal because that would mean it will be in your house and life even after the dog dies.

6. Pay attention to their social life

Your furry friend has now become too old to hop, jump or run around your house, and it’s not as active as it was when it was young. So, if younger dogs play around in your home, your dog will not be able to socialize much with them.

They require a good company fit for their age. As a result, you find your old furry friend spending their time alone, watching other young pups run around, jumping around, and so full of energy. Such instances can make your old friend feel isolated and sad.

You can help your old dog have a social life to ensure this does not happen. You must let your dog find company with other dogs their age. You can take your dog to a place like an animal shelter or allow it to be with your dog next door if it is of the same age.

As old dogs often work well as therapy dogs, you can take your dog to nursing homes. As they get older, their earlier engagements and social life change.

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7. Another option

Another option for keeping them happy is to allow them to choose what they want to do. Your old and ailing dog deserves to do things it wants because it devoted its entire life to listening to you and being obedient.

So, now you can fulfill their wishes and let them be happy. So, if your dog wants to eat your lunch, let them, or if they want to sit with you, fulfill his wish.

Keeping your furry friend happy and satisfying its needs is not a mammoth task. Give proper care and attention. Guide him when he needs it, and you will find your old dog feeling content.

This way, your dog will get a chance to age gracefully and happily, just like us. Even in their old life, they will feel important and valued. Make the last few days worthwhile and eternal. Caring for your beloved aged pet is as simple as that.


Making an old dog’s life happy and comfortable can be achieved through simple and easy steps that can be incorporated into your daily routine. You can help your aging furry friend maintain their physical and mental well-being by providing proper nutrition, regular exercise, and comfortable living arrangements.

Offering affection, attention, and stimulating activities can also fulfill them emotionally. Moreover, providing them with quality healthcare and being attentive to their changing needs is essential in maintaining their overall health.

By following these easy ways, you can make your old dog’s life happy and ensure they enjoy their golden years with love and care.

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