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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Pomeranian Dog Kidnapped From A Parked Car In Delhi

Recently, some thieves broke into a parked car in Delhi and stole a pet dog. They left a ‘Superman cap’ at the rear seat of the car as their signature after stealing the pet dog.

Deeya Sharma, the dog owner left her 4 year old pet dog, a toy Pomeranian, in a parked car along with her purse. The owner is based out of Greater Kailash-II and left her dog Louis in the parked car to get some groceries from a store on her way to Gurugram.

Deeya said that the incident took place between 7:30 pm and 7:50 pm on Saturday. According to her, the unidentified people broke into her parked car and took Louis along with her purse that contained some cash and few important documents. She added that the thieves left a “Superman Cap” on the rear seat of the car as a signature. She said that the glass of the front passenger window was shattered, when she returned to the vehicle.

FIR lodged

The family got quite shaken due to this incident and were really disturbed. They registered an FIR with Fatehpur Beri Police station. They claim that their pet dog is much pampered and would stop eating if the family isn’t around to feed him. They have also announced an award of INR 10,000 to anyone who find or report information that can help them get their pet dog back.

The dog has thick-brown fur and responds to the name Louis.

Police is going through the CCTV footage around the area for clues to identify the thieves. DCP-South, Vijay Kumar said that police is making all the possible efforts in order to identify and nab the thieves who stole the dogs.

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