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Thursday , October 22 2020
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New year's resolution

New Year Resolution Ideas For Dog Lovers

It’s time to show some puppy love by adopting one!

If you’re planning on getting a new puppy this New Year, consider rescuing an animal in need and giving them a forever home. Here are some New Year resolution ideas for dog lovers:

Adopt a stray dog

Adopt a stray dog

Apart from preventing cruelty to animals, this New Year you can give shelter and warmth to a homeless dog. There is not a better feeling in the world than helping someone in need.

Vaccinations on time


Vaccinations are very important for pets.  It can protect your dog from contracting a variety of illnesses like distemper, rabies, and hepatitis, some of which can be fatal. So, don’t forget to make this one of New Year’s resolutions. Make sure that your vet follows current vaccine guidelines and pays attention to the types of vaccines used.

Microchipping your dog

Microchipping has become crucial with the alarmingly rising rate of lost, missing and stolen dogs. A microchipped dog has a better chance of getting found and reunite with a family.

Spay or Neuter your pet

Get your pet spayed and neutered this New Year. This will control pet overpopulation and reduce the chances for cancer in both males and females, as well as eliminate your pet’s urge to roam and mark.

Spend some time with your pet

Spend some time with dog

Spare some time for your pet from your busy schedule.

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