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Wednesday , May 22 2024
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Most Common Food Allergens For Dogs

Common Food Allergen Sources in Dogs

Just like human beings, there are chances that dogs may encounter dog food allergies. They can get food allergies from various sorts of ingredients, even from premium foods.

Nowadays, it is easy to find high-quality foods for dogs due to the unlimited stock and varieties available in markets. But still, there is a need to know what sort of allergens are induced in dog foods, making them uncomfortable.

Food allergy and food intolerance are often confused, semantically. Food allergy is the immunological reaction of the immune system to a particular food component.

Breeds prone to food allergy show various symptoms. In contrast, food intolerance is when a dog faces difficulty digesting a specific food that is mostly protein.

Symptoms of dog food allergy

  • Itchy skin and paws
  • Skin infections due to excess scratching
  • Scaly and oily skin
  • Rashes and leathery skin texture
  • Sneezing and red eyes
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Excessive loss of hair
  • Yeast or bacterial infection in ears
  • Pigmented skin

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Common causes of food allergy in dogs

#1 Beef:

Beef is the most common ingredient in dog foods. Breeds prone to food allergies if given a particular food for a longer time, mainly beef products, fall prey to these allergic reactions. So, try to rotate meals every week for your dog to mitigate the impact of food allergies from proteins.

#2 Dairy:

Dogs might develop lactose intolerance which is food intolerance, not a food allergy. But, there can be true dairy allergies with symptoms of skin itchiness. Food intolerance such as lactose intolerance always shows signs related to digestion, such as gas, diarrhea, or vomiting.

#3 Wheat:

Dogs don’t develop an allergy to wheat and carbohydrate-containing foods. It is just a misconception. However, dogs might be susceptible to wheat-containing food, just like proteins. Always consult your vet or pet nutritionist if you face such a situation of dog food allergy.

#4 Eggs:

The yolk in an egg is full of proteins that some dogs may be able to digest. It is easy to avoid eggs, and you can check the food labels and nutrition facts to avoid egg yolk or egg-related products.

#5 Chicken:

Just like beef, the same is the rule for chicken. A dog can be allergic to chicken as it is also a form of protein, and excessive chicken feeding is also a cause of food allergy in dogs, especially from plain old chicken.

#6 Lamb:

The beef and chicken from the protein group not only can cause food allergies but can also lead to the development of food allergies if fed in an excessive and uncontrolled amount.

However, if a dog is not allergic to lamb and is allergic to chicken and beef, this is an excellent option for feeding. In addition, a person can replace lamb and rice with venison and sweet potato if any dog is an allergen to them.

#7 Soy:

Soy is regarded as a good source of protein, but studies have revealed that it can cause serious health issues, including dog food allergy as a major one.

There are many associated health risks with soy and soy products. It is known that consuming soy can cause reproductive and growth problems, and some live and thyroid one too. So, avoid using soy-based food for your dog.

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Like humans, animals like dogs can also face food allergies and intolerances. It does not mean that animals can eat whatever you give them.

Dogs can also face food allergies due to some foods. So, dog owners must take care of this fact to avoid any consequences for their health.

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