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Many Dogs Find New Homes During ‘Clear The Shelter’ Event In The US

Many dogs have found new homes during “clear the shelter” event organized at Solano Animal Care Center, in Fairfield, California, US. Around 167 dogs and other animals were up for adoption on Aug 18, 2018. People were seen lining up for the event since 9:00 AM.

This event “Clear the Shelters” is in its fourth year and is sponsored by NBC and a few other Telemundo-owned television stations. The event saw a coming together of over 1,200 shelters across the country.

Around 86,800 animals were adopted in this year so far. The remaining 24,000 animals were up for adoption during this event on Saturday. To increase the chances of adoption of these animals by the folks in the cities, many of the participating animal shelters and rescue organizations reduced or waived their adoption fees.

Dogs find new homes

June Bug


A 13- year-old dog, June Bug, rescued from Hurricane Maria, was adopted by a woman who came especially for her, said Jeana Roth, director of community engagement at the shelter.


Another dog, Holly who was born on the street of Puerto Rico, found her forever family in a Northern Californian couple.

“If I can give a shelter animal a good home, whether they’re traumatized or not, I’m doing what I should be doing,” said Erik Hesse, a UC Berkeley professor who adopted Holly.



Cleo, a 5-year-old Husky mix was rescued on July 4 from a sweltering hoarder house in Selden, New York, with no food or water. Pat, from Queens Village, adopted him.

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